List of addons that work with 2.8


(MattSzymonski) #265

You can also add my addon - Rapid PBR Material Creator
It has been even staff picked on Blender Market :smiley:


For 2.80 (9.1 KB)

Import multiple OBJ files at once - using latest Blender
(chloesdad) #267

Good news! Where can I find ‘add mesh extra objects’?
Thank you.

(Zimlorog) #268

Should be with the add-ons in the latest builds.

(chloesdad) #269

Thanks, I’ll download the latest build.

(d.viagi) #270

Thank you very much Ramboblender :smiley:

(bloox64) #271

I tried Geodesic dome and deactivated it later but it doesn’t turn off. I even tried removing the files but nothing happens.

(brickmack) #272

Datablock Tools now supports 2.80

(Meta-Androcto) #273

thanks, will check

(bloox64) #274

Nevermind, I was confusing geodesicdomes2 with advanced cones :skull:
This happens when you try varios plugins at once and even thought now I have almost the same options as in 2.79 some add mesh addons don’t have icons or appear in other order, making it a little messy

(Piotr Adamowicz) #275

Hi. Anyone know of a 2.8 addon that will quickly turn loose edges into pipes so you can avoid the whole curves routine?

(Metin Seven) #276

I usually go for the mesh edges ➔ Skin modifier route. Then Control + A changes the volume surrounding a vertex, and pressing X or Y constrains the volume sizing to an axis.

If you add a Subdivision Surface modifier before (and after) the Skin modifier, you can auto-smooth the flow of your edges before the Skin is generated.

(kkar) #277

I recently updated Modo-Me to 2.80

(Piotr Adamowicz) #278

Nah, that’s almost as bad speed-wise and gets you lots of geometry you don’t really need.

I wish the Solidify operator just worked on loose edges…

(Zimlorog) #279

Is this the curves routine you’re speaking of?

(Piotr Adamowicz) #280

No, I meant the normal separation, conversion to curves, adjusting props, conversion back to mesh and joining. You used quick pipe, which is fine, but AFAIK hasn’t been updated yet?

(Canseco Gpc) #281

Changed KIT OPS to KIT OPS PRO on paid ones.
Added KIT OPS FREE and Blender Addon PBR to free ones.

(d.viagi) #282

Hi ! Anyone know if there is a 2.8 addon that restore symmetry like this one ==> Restore Symmetry 2.70

(Zimlorog) #283

How do you mean updated? To work in 2.8? It has been (Download the latest config from here).

Or do you mean new features? That, I don’t know, but you could try asking Heavypoly on here or on Twitter.

Also, I added a line that will automatically convert the curve to a mesh once you confirm the operation:

Go to line 33 and add the convert code.

        elif event.type == 'LEFTMOUSE' :
            return {'FINISHED'}

You’ll still need to join it of course, but this removes one step at least?


Has anyone got Shape Keys + to work in 2.8? I’m getting traceback errors.