List of addons that work with 2.8


(Peetie) #326

I will update the intro, so things are more clear.
Thanks for the idea.

(Peetie) #327

Is the intro better now?

(Darknoodles) #328

Hey, i’ve seen a bit about Fluent lately,

(Peetie) #329

Hi @Darknoodles

I have that addon which is quite cool.
Do you know that every-one can add the addons in the list in the first post? It’s a wiki and we all have access. I stopped adding addons to the list myself, because started out to be a day task and didn’t have time anymore for myself.

(Darknoodles) #330

Ho sorry, haven’t taken the time to read the update :sweat_smile: my bad !

(rombout) #331

@Peetie, see i wasnt the only one :wink:

I think intro is better indeed. But i guess peeps which already posted here wont read the 1st post again. Thats what i did, i scrolled down immediately and pasted the link

(Metin Seven) #332

I still really miss the good ol’ Blender Add-on List blog. :sob:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #333

I added internal links to the free/paid/built-in sections for easier navigation. I also think it might time to start breaking down this list into sections for easier navigation?

(Peetie) #334

@bartv Thanks, that’s handy those sections you made.
I see that the markup code is a bit messed up of the free addons. Are we able to recover that?

Do you have an idea if it is possible to have a search-function and filter options for the Wiki. Is there maybe an addon available with jquery search functions for a table or something similar.

There are request to make categories, but I think that won’t work well. Better is to be able to assign tags and that users can search or filter for tags.

(Kenneth) #335

Added Level Builder - a powerful tools help you to speed up the level design process.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #336

What do you mean? I didn’t touch the list itself, only the header.

I don’t think that exists. The internal discourse search also won’t help as it will just point you to the wiki post, and not a specific location within the post.

Categories could be part of the ‘table of contents’, making it easy to browse and find what you use. Given that search won’t work, I think it’s the way forward.

(Oleg Stepanov) #337

Could you please explain what exactly links you mean? I’m a little bit confused :sweat_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #338

These three:

(stephen_leger) #339

Looks like there is a ’ instead of " issue in transformed code
<h2 id="heading–built-in’>

(Peetie) #340

Hi @kennethlo

Your addon is super! Really amazing. (You can make quickly BIG scenes and don’t run out of memory). UI is great as well. Many thanks!
Immediately I started to make some assets:

Containing walls, flooring, poles, pilars, stones, grids, railings, etc.
It is super to build a big scene and still have loads of ram left. (it doesn’t stop because all got linked/instantiated).
Therefore I didn’t add textures because I leave that to the user. Blender market wanted to see some textures though (just for the purpose it looks better to sell). So I used gumroad which doesn’t ask to much commision and I can keep the price very low.

If you have suggestions let me know.

I really recommend to look at the addon Level Builder.

Not sure though if the community picks up the benefits. (Snapping!, we are all hungry for snapping, not?) I have the impression that a few a are leading and if they say peep or poop, everybody likes it. And the sad thing is that for a year it’s al about the same thing over and over again. For me, I am in for a change in trend now.

(Canseco Gpc) #341

Added Dynamic Context Menu and Import BrushSet (testing) to built in plugins.

(carbon2) #342

hi @Peetie
would you please update description for my ‘Point Cloud Visualizer’? it evolved a bit more functionality :slight_smile:

Point Cloud Visualizer
Display, render and convert to mesh colored point cloud PLY files.

(Peetie) #343

Hi @carbon2,
Thanks and I updated it. Next time, If you go to the first post you can see how you can adjust it yourself. It’s a wiki and every-one has access.

(- Click for resources) #344

added: move active object with keyboard in 3d view.


@Peetie added Garment Tool to commercial section