List of addons that work with 2.8

Added Triangle to the Free Remesh catagory…

My apologies – I did not do anything other than add hyperlink, and add a description, but somehow the text is larger than all the others.

It is the same size in the raw edit, so I don’t understand what happened – Maybe the forums doesn’t like my SeaMonkey browser…

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Ken (DaremoK3)

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hi guys there is a lot off free addon for blender but there isn’t place that you find all of them what your opinion, blender today add part for addon like graphicall for branch in blender today
if you like it vote in below link


Updated the built-in addons list and some format fixes.


Auto-reload external images updated !

This addon adds automatic reload functionality for external images in Blender

Thanks to renfinkle for the port !


OptiX Denoiser
Doesn’t work on Linux

Is it possible to modify the AStats add-on to calculate and display "In game triangles and verts)?
What I mean by in-game is the resulting triangle count in a game engine based on UV seams, hard edges, material seams, etc, and not the basic triangle count in Blender.
Does anyone know how to do this? I would attempt but I suck at coding.

The following four self-made add-ons have been added to the Google spreadsheet.

G-Lasso Draw

Very fast Make polygon with lasso of Grease pencil. It is useful for creating a rough model and getting inspired.


Minimizes the header’s text menu as an icon, making it a compact UI that won’t get in the way of work or view. And can check the important status.

All Material list

List all the materials in a project. Operations such as name change / assignment / selection / deletion can be performed, and material data can be managed.

Lazy Weight Tool

Simplify vertex selection in the Weight Paint and assign numerical weights. A feature like the 3ds Max Weight Paint Tool.


Speedflow is available for 2.8 in Alpha Version!


The blenderartist is a great website, but to make a good overview of addons a dedicated website is need.
Therefore I started a fresh new website (worked hard for a week on it) pure for Blender 2.80 addons. Please don’t play to rough with it, but it is ready for a few test rides. Don’t give is to much publicity yet because I need to find out how it can handle traffic and the like. Let me know if you have suggestions or ideas.

Here it is:


Can’t find any import/export addons on your site. Are there any?

Not yet, I think I posted like 20 useful addons so far in one week. Count on 3 posts a day average.

Can we add addons to your site ourselves?

Sure, as far as I can see that would work as follows:

  1. I give you login credentials.
  2. You make the post you want.
  3. I review the post, and make it public.

I will check what is the easiest way and send you a private message. How does that sound?


I asked not for me but for entire Blender community.

Cool, thanks @Peetie. :+1:

Just mentioning this (I’ve got nothing to do with it): recently a similar platform was initiated, called Blender Depot. It was also mentioned here in this thread.

I’ve seen it, but it’s quite different. Blender depot pulls info automatically from Github whereas blender addons is hand-made and has options to categorize and leave comments.

Here the focus of blender-addons:

  • Only for Blender 2.80 and higher
  • Only working addons
  • You can filter on categories, tags (and also search).
  • Personally checked the addons and tried it out. Finding the culprit the user might stumble upon, and point that out.

But thanks for mentioning.


Sounds great, I’ll keep an eye on it!

Does it also have an RSS / ATOM feed? That’d be great.

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Good Idea. I’ve seen an option for RSS-feed I believe. I will enable it as soon as I get the change.

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This list is great, thanks so much for putting this together!

Though, I really wish we could just have an integrated addon manager or something where creators could upload all in one place that would update automatically as creators update their addons, install correctly automatically, and sync between different computers (via a profile or something).

I don’t wish to discuss this here, I made a RCS post about it. Comment and upvote or whatever there:


WLock - an addon for Blender 2.8 which allows to lock 3D view rotation using hotkey.

Today our team can to show You the newest release of Blender addon - WLock PRO.

Added features:

  1. Setup of own hotkeys

  2. Setup of status icon/button

  3. Status of icon/button colors

Thread on

Version PRO of the addon will be a little expensive.

But we made a decision do not remove LITE (older) version. This LITE version can be access for purchasing. (in moderating right now)

We would be very grateful to You, if You to tell Your’s friends about this addon. It is will be be like a motivation for us.