List of addons that work with 2.8

(redneck) #446

Just ported Quake 3 .md3 importer/exporter to Blender 2.8.
(textures’ import doesn’t work yet, but UVs’ import works)

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(DDB) #447

pro lightning skies and pro lightning studio are now avaible for 2.8, didnt see it on the list
gaffer hdri and light manager also !

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(Peetie) #448

I dont see it on the list either


(DDB) #449

links here

i find guru’s add on quites expensive, never a single sale or price drop in four year…and i see coming the big publicity at the end of his lighting course…


(Peetie) #450

check first post if you want. everyone has acces to add.


(splinefx) #451

Is it planned to update the .3ds importer for 2.80? Does anybody know? For me the lack of it is the only thing that keeps me from deleting 2.79 version.


(Metin Seven) #452

I own the Pro-Lighting: Studio add-on, and although it is a very useful add-on and it was updated for 2.8, development has been ceased in favor of the Poliigon project. I sent a message to the Blender Guru guys via the Blender Market messaging system, and that’s what they said.

I think it’s a pity they never updated the reflection images to HDRI, and Eevee support will also not be added (such as different light strengths).

There are a few alternatives I know of, although I don’t know their current 2.8 availability status:

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(Lsscpp) #453

that will be addressed so that eevee and cycles will give similar result at same light strenghts*

*and notice, this word has 1 vowel and 8!!! consonants

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(DDB) #454

thanks, light studio look really really nice ! can’t wait for a 2.8 adaptation

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(Metin Seven) #455

Same here. I believe the developer indicated that it will be updated for 2.8 when the beta stage has completed.

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(Peetie) #456

Keep an eye on the EV-Express addon I would say. Developer is quite active :grin:


(B Layer) #457


and notice, this word has 1 vowel and 8!!! consonants

It also does when it’s spelled correctly! (strengths) :upside_down_face:


(DDB) #458

zaloopok now updated for 2.8

i tried to use the spread sheet, is it right click + leave a comment ?


(DDB) #459

A DOLLY ZOOM addon is avaible for 2.8,
It’s really handy because it do a dolly zoom without any animation what so ever, live, in the viewport



(toomanydemons) #460

The Bone Widget addon is finally here for 2.8!!

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(Mr_Flamey) #461

I updated an old add-on by Phymec that generates convex meshes suitable from use in real-time physic simuations (such as game engines etc.)

BA Thread

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(dpdp) #462

I just updated my enormous(ly small) addon Clean Cad Mats to work with Blender 2.80.

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