List of addons that work with 2.8


(MusicAmg) #144

LOL yea, it was killed… already reported… Jacgues Luckes personally handled the issue… so I know for sure it will be fixed… … If you add a curve, it will not draw on the 3d in object view, but, it displays in edit view…

(MusicAmg) #145

And the fix is applied to the next build… woo hoo!

(Peetie) #146

I suppose it’s better not to delete some previous build since the API has changed meaning that some addons might be broken. @CansecoGPC seems to do hard work notify-ing developers of addons.

(MusicAmg) #147

yup… exactly what I do… I move old build zips to a directory just in case. And there is ALWAYS that case lol… case in point, one build crashed just deleting the default cube…

(Peetie) #148

Added: Renderburst, see first post. Render all cameras, one by one, and store the results.

(Peetie) #149

Warning: Seems with latest build a lot of addons broke like:
Hardops, Bevel after Boolean, Cuber, Ice Tools, Fast Carve, probably half of the list here).

(Canseco Gpc) #150

Very productive day for built-in plugins, added tinyCAD Mesh Tools, Oscurart Tools, Mesh Snap Utilities, AI / PDF / SVG Importer, and KTX RenderSlot.
Node Wrangler and Archipack got some updates too.

I just compiled the latest version and Fast Carve still works at least.

(erickBlender) #151

Anybody willing to update retopo mt ->


B2RUVL and Hard Ops updated.

(slipknot66) #153

Animation Nodes too! Not working with the latest version.

(varkenvarken) #154

Thanks for compiling this list!

(paid) WeightLifter is now ported as well

(fiendish55) #155

is idmapper coming soon to 2.8? Very good tool and part of my workflow.

(varkenvarken) #156

Actually working on it right now :slight_smile: but cannot promise anything yet: the basic functionality (i.e. assigning a color based on common characteristics) works but facepaint mode is still a lot of work. I’ll keep everybody posted of course as soon as I have a new (experimental) version available.

(dank0) #157

My Wish is for these pluggins:
EWOC Pluggins - Straighten, Quadder, Laplatian relax etc.
Move Along Normals
Offset Edges
Edge Tools
Object Intersection tools
Display Tools

(Canseco Gpc) #158

Added DXF importer/exporter to built-in plugins, and WeightLifter on paid ones.

Anyone can edit the list, so feel free to do it next time

(Georgesd) #159

Simple Asset Manager 2.8 is not working in today’s build
Hash: 4c5e76025d83
23 rd Dec 2018
apparently API changes are not final yet.
Panel is empty, when trying in user preferences> Addons> Simple Asset Manager to render missing previews, getting:

AttributeError: ‘Context’ object has no attribute 'user_preferences’

(Peetie) #160

You can get the addon to work by finding in the code all lines that have;
Change that into:

(Peetie) #161

Didn’t have much time these days, but saw the addon Tissue for Blender 2.8!
Added to the list (see first post), Thanks @alessandrozompa

(MatsuikoHiroka) #162

Thank you , I tried it on Asset Manager and it works

(Peetie) #163

Added: YAAM (Yet Another Assest Manager). (See list in first post)