List of addons that work with 2.8


(Peetie) #124

Added some free addons to the list:

Blender 2 UVLayoutBridge
EZ paint
Magic UV

(carbon2) #125

hi, just updated some of my addons to 2.80:
Point Cloud Visualizer
Tube UV Unwrap

OpenGL Lights and UV Equalize has been made obsolete :frowning:

(Peetie) #126

@carbon2 thanks, added Point Cloud Visualizer and Tube UV Unwrap

(Peetie) #127

Yes! added Optix Denoiser from troopy28 and Declan Russel.
Sorry for spamming al the new addons today :smile:

(noBlender) #128

Hey, any FBX export/import batching addon for Unreal/Unity?

(Peetie) #129

I thought I’ve seen a multi-exporter somewhere also doing fbx, but not specificaly for unreal/unity. Can’t find it back though. Let me know if you find it.

Added to the list in first post:

  • Blender2.8-RenderButton
  • SimpleLattice
  • sun_position_b28_test
  • Sapling tree gen

(Canseco Gpc) #130

It was a pleasure to port Sapling Tree Gen, specially with Jacques Lucke help, :smiley:

Everything works, including UVs on leaves, except one little error with Pruning+Use Armature, that i hope we could solve before 2.80 stable release.

(Mitsuma) #131

I’m really surprised to see my little addon in that list. :smiley:
Nothing wrong with it, I just saw getting a little traffic from here and was wondering where it came from.

(Peetie) #132

Added Rigflex (see first post), pretty cool. Softbody for bones

(dimitribastos) #133

I’m sorry, but I’m can’t see the Sapling Tree Gen on the addon lists on the latest build (19th). Can someone help?

(Peetie) #134

Edit > Preferences > Type in Search-field: Sapling
Or you can see it also under the category: add Curve: Sapling Tree Gen

(dimitribastos) #135

Already tried, but no luck. It doesn’t show here.

(Peetie) #136

Did you click on / activate the supported level: community
(Preferences > addons > supported level: community, on the left side)

(MusicAmg) #137

It’s in the a2466049376 build… They have been releasing new builds twice a day now for a couple weeks…

(dimitribastos) #138

Thanks for the input. I downloaded a 19th build but did it again right now and the sapling was there.

(MusicAmg) #139

awesome, glad to help… one thing I do since there are new versions twice a day is when I create the shortcut to my desktop, I rename the shortcut with about 4 letters from the build’s hash. That way I know what I am looking at…

Now I just need the curve extra objects and I can disappear into my 3d world …lol

(Canseco Gpc) #140

Changed Magic UV to official addons and added Curve Extra objects.
Both will show up on the next nigthly daily build.

(MusicAmg) #141

some of the curves are not working… like archemedian…etc…

(Canseco Gpc) #142

Yep, like Blender, some built-in plugins are still beta too, but if you report the bugs on the bug tracker they fix them quickly.

(MusicAmg) #143

No problem… I wasn’t quite sure how they were handling the reporting for addon’s. I’ll send one through… thanks