List of addons that work with 2.8


(Peetie) #104

@RLGUY , thanks! Flip Fluids added to the list. But every-one can edit the list as well.

(Marc Driftmeyer) #105

I’m waiting for 2.80 to be released, but this is the first add-on I purchase.

(stephen_leger) #106

refine tracking solution (official add-on) is also ready for 2.8

(tallken) #107

delete sorry

(dimitribastos) #108

I don’t get it. We already have a modifier for that, no?

(Lsscpp) #109

or just click on the big thread title up above

(Peetie) #110

Added Blender Modular tree addon

(Canseco Gpc) #111

Added build in plugin Edit Linked Library and Rock Generator.
Changed Collections status, corrected BoltFactory name.

Now that we have categories we could get rid of (Free) and (Paid) markers after the names?

(Peetie) #112

Thanks for adding,
Good Idea, will work on it tomorrow if no-one else did it.

(Canseco Gpc) #113

Removed (Free) ones, but still keeping (Free, Fair Price) and (Free/Standard/Pro), etc.

Going to do the same for Paid ones.

Done, same with (Paid, two versions), (Free/Standard/Pro), etc.

(Printer Killer) #114

Animation Nodes is also converted to 2.8!

(Peetie) #115

@Printer_Killer Thanks. Added Animation Nodes. As far as I understand you need to use the Blender 2.8 build that comes with it.

(Peetie) #116

Loads of addons now, but clutter starts (already). Time to make use of workspaces I suppose so I can filter addons:

(MusicAmg) #117

Huh? Explain… I downloaded AN from github, which installs, but, it fails when I try to bake sound with it… and I am using the latest daily build of 2.80… I did get the correct AN too…

(Peetie) #118

I’ve seen it baking “average” and made a curve in Grapheditor. Then Blender crashed. I suppose we have to wait till it is fixed later, open an issue: ?

But I am not surprised there are issues with Blender 2.8 in Beta and Animation Test Builds.

(Jakroval) #119

Please also remove the one that doesn’t work any more

(Peetie) #120

You meean I have to try all the addons every day? Maintaining the list so far asks already quite some of my free time after work. What addon doesnt work, and what is the error?

(TitusLVR) #121

Hi there, you can add to list headus uvlayout bridge.
Many thanks.

(Jakroval) #122

Not at all; I mean to any body that use any of the add on. It is very nice of you already to start this post. As of now I know that PBR Texture Mapper (PTM): (jayanam) wasn’t working with the last couple weeks of blender 2.8 beta.

(Peetie) #123

@TitusLVR, thanks! Added to the list: Blender 2 UVLayoutBridge

@Jakroval, I added a note that it is reported it’s broke. Since the intention is to work with Blender 2.8 I think it’s better to file an issue than to remove the addon from the list.