List of addons that work with 2.8


(Veezen) #84

Yeah, snaping … i miss slide and snaping option, similar like in 3ds max.

(Metin Seven) #85

I really miss a number of standard 2.7x add-ons such as BoolTool, CarverMT and Extra Objects. I hope they will return in 2.8 soon.

(Ammusionist) #86

I think Jacques is a little busy just at the moment :slight_smile:

(Peetie) #87

Cannot find the post back, but I thought that jacues Lucke wrote that someone else is looking at porting the animation nodes to 2.8. I thought it was Twitter.

(Ammusionist) #88

That would be really cool - but I’m also expecting big things of the “Everything Nodes” project that Jacques was brought into the Blender Foundation to work on. I’m kind of hoping that it will be Animation Nodes, but bundled with Blender!

(Jakroval) #89

If I am counting it right that is like 5 steps just to precisely move an object’s point of reference to another point on another object; and may be a few more step to move to mid point of a segment, that’s only if you know how. Thank for pointing out to those add on, I have used those in 2.76. But these basic snapping should be standard, because we are not drawing by hand. We need snapping system that work; as much as I don’t like how Autodesk do their business, but in construction work we need to use it, and it does it job very well.

(Peetie) #90

Added Beveled Extrude. See first post.
The list is getting longer now (which is super), and it seems to be time to make some categories.
Any idea’s how to categorize this list? Free, Free/fair price, Free and Paid options, Paid, etc.
Or categories like: rigging, modelling, VSE, Render, remesh, Texture/uv, Asset, generators, nodes, I/O, etc. ?

(AFWS) #91

I would do this maybe for categories? For addons that’s paid and free you could add to both.

Addon Category

All addons for this category here. Keeps the first post shorter and organized.

Maybe just three categories needed?


All paid addons here.


All free addons here.

Free / Donate

All free ,but donate if you want addons here.

(Peetie) #92

Done. Three Categories now: Free(ish), Paid, and build in.
In a minute I will add Plating and Greeble addon (paid) to the list.

(R Long) #93

Thanks, good to just know that they’re working on it. Working out a workflow using Blender, Synfig, Natron, and Fusion for motion graphics at my job.

(Canseco Gpc) #94

Some fixes, added Bolt Factory on Build in category.

I’m trying to only put build in plugins that got recently ported of have new features.

(Peetie) #95

How do you get the Bolt factory? I have the latest build and on I don’t seem to see activity around that addon.
Or is it somewhere on github?

(Canseco Gpc) #96

I usually install the Blender git version from my distro repository, it will be soon on the nigthly official build.

(Peetie) #97

Added: T!na, Transfer Normals addon. See top-post
(Gives annonations error for me at the moment)

(Jakroval) #98

Is there anyway to put the list at the last post? so we don’t have to scroll all the way up.

(DanielEngler) #99

Just click on the date in the top right corner “Nov 4”.

(Jakroval) #100

Thank you so much, I have been scrolling all this time.

(Marc Driftmeyer) #101
  1. Current Blender 2.8 Master is broken

Perhaps we should fix these with current status states?

(Peetie) #102

I have today’s build, and testing around. I got quite a few warnings in System console about annonations from several addons. But still working. What do you mean with Current 2.8 Master is Broken?

(RLGUY) #103

Thanks for maintaining this list! We have just added an experimental version of our FLIP Fluids addon with support for Blender 2.80.

FLIP Fluids (Paid)
FLIP Fluids is a powerful liquid simulation addon that gives you the ability to create high quality fluid effects all within Blender!