Little Guard

Was a gift for my girlfriend to remove her nightmares, i guess it looks better in the printed version,
but i want to share it.
Inspired by this

Thx for sharing models at blendswap: Chekolain - Monster , Jeffie - Alarm , Rakshasa - Furnitures

Blender 2.65 Cycles - Gimp 2.8

A very dramatic interpretation of the original, nice job.

That is one good looking image :smiley: I love it! Great Job

This is a great piece, Spaceflower! The lighting and the mist really work together to contribute a great atmosphere to the image. I like that you’ve placed a light source from within the creature’s mouth. Creative use of lighting. Also, good job keeping the image from becoming too dark in the shadows, I know that can be difficult to achieve sometimes. Great work all around!

Absolutely stunning work! 5 stars

Jeh, the lightning… I played for hours than suddenly… it looked not that bad.
And to add: there are to scenes, the fog around the monster is with bi and smoke. I wanted real looking smoke, but my
PC said no so it became fog :wink:

Here you can see the light planes.

Thx 4 the comments.

How did you achieve this “painting” render? is it in BI or Cycle? :slight_smile:

It looks so great! :slight_smile: I’m looking to learn how to make renders like that :smiley:

that’s awesome! go bunnies! 5* from me.

To be honest, I dont remember. I spent a long time with color curves. And jeh there are 2 Renders, the main render is done in cycles.
The secound one is BI and only the “glow” which is surrounding the monster.
I seperated the Transmission color render and mixed a lot of blur, defocus, lens dist. and stuff. So there is no single thing thats makes this look like a panting. But I think the key was setting up the lights right in scene. Those planes are checkerd with 5 diffrent emit colors.
And well… gimp does also a lot of work here. :slight_smile:

Man, that is a terrifying thing to look at. I think I need to dig out an old stuffed bear from storage for tonight.

That’s one really really really really really great render. I absolutely love it. The only thing I’d object to is how small the rabbit is. Until you zoom in it’s hard to tell what it is. But other than that it’s super amazing. Great job!!

Awesome scene, man. 5 stars from me.

Awesome piece, really eye catching and excellent use of colour as well as composition. Perfect

Great image! Love the colour scheme and overall idea. :slight_smile:

Hey spaceflower

Really nice image.

I prefer the original source material, but thats simply because I find the teddy bear with the wooden sword more appealing, just a matter of personal taste nothing more. But I appreciate what you have done updating it, and making it a bunny with a lightsabre. Very cool.

It would be nice to see the concept as a short animation.

Edit: Actually it’s getting a movie franchise by all accounts:

Great work, this one screams “animate me !!!”

This idea is going to be made into an movie soon.

Aside from the fact that this is visually powerful, I love that you mentioned these phrases:

Was a gift for my girlfriend to remove her nightmares

Best thing I ever read today. :slight_smile:


Very well done… Hope to see more like this… also… hope to see tutorials…

Fantastic job. It’s always refreshing to see a piece that doesn’t scream “Hey, I’m 3D!!”