Little town with Geometry Nodes

Hi everyone! How are you?

This is my first test using the new Geometry Nodes. I created this system that allows you to create procedural buildings using prebuilt modules, making it much easier to generate different variations, define their dimensions as the number of floors and distribute objects like air conditioners randomly. To test everything I created a small town and an animation.

Blender 2.93 rendered in Cycles


I decided to share my project for free so everyone could check it!
I also rebuilt the whole system to be easier to read and I added some new features:

You can download it on Blender website:…
Or on my Gumroad page if you want to support me :slight_smile:


Really nice way to modulate with some radomness and buildings!

I imagine you have a base mesh with the exact face dims of your modules and then you swap them out using textures/vertex groups?

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To the featured row !

Super nice!

What this shows is that Geometry Nodes is perhaps one of the best things to ever happen to Blender (yes, even when you compare it to things like Cycles, dyntopo, the 2.8 additions, ect…).

So many people can save a ton of time in the creation process now, and we don’t have to go to Houdini to get it.


This is really impressive, well done.

Excellent scene, I love your workflow! Can you recommend any resources on how to get into geometry nodes for stuff like this?

Great work.

How long did the node networks take to make? I found that while Geometry Nodes already offer quite a bit of flexibility, the workflow speed was really poor, due having to chain dozens and dozens of attribute math nodes next to each other and constantly type attribute names and interact with UI dropdowns all over and over again to do even simplest of the math operations.

So while this looks impressive, I am worried that the amount of times it takes to put these node network together will ultimately just not be worth it in production scenarios (I am talking just about the current state of Geometry Nodes, not the future).

I am curious if you have any tips to speed up the workflow, or if you just bit the bullet and take maybe an entire day just to make this simple building generator :slight_smile:

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It’s amazing how unique the details are in a mundane environment. There is a lot of individuality in all of that sameness. The mood you captured exemplifies that kind of beauty for me. Very nice!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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that is fantastic! it both looks beautiful visually and is great technically. very nice work Felipe

This actually made me genuinely smile and say out loud “Holy moly, that’s actually fricking amazing-”, props to you for making such an awesome thing! :heart:

By the way hi I’m good how about you? :eyes:


Impressive! Great job.

WOAW amazing ! Any chance to have some advice or a little tutorial with a small exemple on how wthis works with geometry nodes ? :slight_smile:

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I agree a tutorial would be awesome and much needed for people who, like me, don’t have a clue how any of this works and where to start.

Incredible !
Can’t wait to see a making-of ^^

Please show us a small tutorial or article to learn how to do it

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