Living Mechanics (upd: 10/07/2004 - animation)

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Not sure if I’ll have enough time to finish this by the due date but anyway, here’s an early WIP



very nice lightning


Very nice. God I love sub surf’s!!



Damn… I’ve been too busy the last couple of days and it looks like I’ve missed the cutoff date… Oh well. I’ll keep working on it.

Very promising model there. Excellent work.

I would enter what you have anyway, even though I have baile don this one.

Can’t wait to see the rest of this.


Yes even if you don’t enter the contest I would like to see it finished it is very cool looking.


It’s slowly taking form…

another sloooow update

Beautiful! It remaind me of a mix beetwen the Borg Queen and Alien.


Very nice! Are you going to animate it?

Seems I just joined the knuckle dragging crowd.

nice. :o how do you do the cable/pipe things. curves with bevel?

Thanks very much for the comments! This is just a personal spare time thing, so it’s going really slowly. Here’s a sketch of how I’d like it to turn out. It’s influenced quite a lot by a manga I like, called Blame!. Yes, I’d like to animate it when it’s finished but I feel I’ve still got a long way to go before I reach that stage :wink:

I made the tubes by creating subsurfed mesh circles and extruding/rotating them.

Very cool


herm… you know that LM contest is closed yes? Voting has started :slight_smile:


Well I’ve finished my university exams, so I decided to drag this old thing out and continue with it. I’m not going to give up with it, no matter how slow I may be going :). Hopefully now I have a bit more time, I can work harder on it.

Added a bit more geometry, cleaned some stuff up, and changed to some nicer lighting for the preview render :slight_smile:


it IS nice… and you are going to animate it, right :wink: ?


Well I’m planning to, but at the rate I’m going, it’ll probably take another year or so (joke!) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s going to be one hell of a model to rig though; I’m deliberately making it very detailed… :o

i hope you DO intend to keep the material you used for the test renders, right? it looks really cool just as it is. btw: may we have a sketch so we can see where you’re trying to go with the model? I just can’t imagine how it will look when finished.

It’s exactly the same material, just different lighting :slight_smile:

There’s a rather crude and quick sketch linked back in one of my posts on the previous page.

That’s awesome, if you can animate it, it will be even more awesome. Keep it up.