I’m trying to create an image with a locomotiv in it but i’m strugling with the wheelwork, which bars are connected to each other, how they move and stuff like that. So if anybody has a highres vid which i can actually download would be really great.
Crits and tips are also welcome.



very good start. it looks pretty clean and there seems to be alot of detail. any wires?

also about the wheels, check this page. there is a GIF animation further down the page, if you have a look at that. you should get a decent overview of what is happening.

looking forward to updates

That’s purefect !!! exactly what i was looking for, stupid me that i haven’t looked onto wiki :confused:

you can also try youtube…i am sure its got to have videos on ANYTHING

There are many vids but they have a bad quality and you can’t rewind them properly for studying the movements, general problem with youtube videos.

  • mesh optimizing
  • added some details


Looks great so far. Is this an actual loco or your own design. A locomotive of that size would probably need to be articulated so it doesn’t climb out of the tracks on curves.

Check out this link for some info,

Very, very nice! The detail in the pistons and couplings is staggering. Some close ups of them maybe? Anyway, Not many things to crit, it’s too good, except for things you haven’t got round to adding yet like some wheels (can’t remember the locomotive term) under the cabin (also don’t remember the term) at the rear.

Thx guys

Completly fictional so far. Took some pictures of locomotives and picked some elemts from different images.
The side is a black hole sucks you up and will never spit you out :wink:
and yeah i’ll defenetly go for an articulated one. Perhaps 2-6-6-2 or even 2-6-6-6 “The Train of The Beast” :smiley: would be a nice name for a picture…

hokesclosupsuspokus :wink:


It’s beginning to look really big and heavy now.

I wish it was mine. :^)

This will be the final wheel setup for the train.


This looks pretty good

are you adding a scene

This has got to be the best Blender train o the site.

Yepp there will be a scene, dunno yet what it’ll be like.

Would love to believe that but i haven’t seen that much trains here.

some proportions and little details


great looking model

did you rig the wheels to rotate with all the levers and do dads lol

Yes i did. It’s not well rigged because one bar is doing on both ends circular movements and i have only found a recursive solution (two bones influence each other), so one end of the bar wobbels a bit at a connection to another bar, but for non animated stuff its enough.
Made a little gif.

Wow impressive modeling. Looking forward to see the whole thing finished.
Also can you hear your model saying “render me with indigo, render me with indigo !” ?

>render me with indigo
:smiley: :smiley:
i will give it a shot


Detailed, Clean, Booty Kickin’.