Looking for a somone who can model a alien space ship

I need someone that can model a alien space ship for a movie I’m working on. Also it would help if you could use camera tracking in blender. Any replies are helpful. Thanks.

have you got concept art to model off?

Kinda, here’s what I got.

It does not need to be that detail of that is to hard. Thanks for the fast reply!

Yea kinda, Here.

It does not have to be that detailed if it is to hard. Thanks for the quick reply.

I can, for free, just pop me in the credits, I am not sure about camera tracking, I have heard that Open-CV is good, but Kinect etc is better, but It may be vice versa,

So, UFO or My own concept or what?

I can have it done overnight if you let me know,

Awesome. That’s fine if you you can’t do camera tracking, I can handle that. We’ll I was thinking a big space ship sort of like a UFO but more detailed. I would like it to have a area were there is a bridge between two main parts of the ship. Other then that you can do your own concept and I will let you know if that is what I’m looking for. Thanks!

So what do you think?
I have a photo real suacer with atmospherics baking as well, it should look good, if I have the right sun or moon angle and some volumetric clouds it crashes through, you may make some one think it is real…

Duh camera tracks… durp
I can do that, just get me the video, and have a object to identify XYZ and scale of UFO or just a idea of where the object needs to be, then I can do the camera track from that,

A good idea would be a big bouncy ball with Lines drawn X-RED Y-GREEN -Z BLUE around the axis of the ball, try and get white as I can use this to match the lighting,

I was thinking of camera tracking, for rigging face animations, and I am not there yet, I will be soon…

Here’s what I got for the camera tracking.

It won’t let me put the video on here for some reson. Do you have a email I can send it to. I really like the space ship.

Also, can you send me the .blend file of the space ship? Thanks for making the ship, it will make the movie look way better.

Pm me, I can show you how to set up a project that is accessible by everyone who is working on it,

Or just get a dropbox or google drive,

here is a back view of escape ship

this ship is nice, but the one I am rendering will blow it away as far as fitting in and looking cool.

This is ALL CREATIVE COMMONS, so don’t sell it without kicking some money my way, so I can give it to my wife and or/blender.org and blenderartists.org


1872.blend (860 KB)

Awesome. I don’t have plans to sell it but if I do I won’t let you go unpaid. I can’t wait to so your other ship.

This is less complicated, but easier to have collisions with, and go through atmosphere etc,

I need to decrease the plasma field’s density, up its luminosity, and subdivide the smoke boundary again and enable hi-res smoke
but the “plasma” has waves move through it, and I can have it move just behind the ufo’s motion or leave a particle trail , set up some clouds, and have it collide through them, it will take about 2 days,

You can host the video to youtube, then I can get a good idea of what you need, finish out the scene, and give you the .blend with a camera set up, and have you do the fine tweeking, then you can put what ever video you want in the background, hit render and wha la

Cool, I like it. Take your time on it. On the other .blend file you gave me it won’t let me move any thing but the camera and I can’t even Rotate it. I really like the ideas of the ship flying though the clouds. I’ll put the video on YouTube here soon. I like your thinking about giving me the blend file and me putting the video behind it. Thanks for your help.

No problem, one lone artist, no matter how good, needs friends,
sharing is the only way we can all get better faster,
Blender will rule!


Agreed! Blender will rule! If you need help on some blender project sometime in the future pm me and I’ll see if I can help.

Ok so, here is the ship 1 animated (the lighting still needs to be set, and the texture is to smooth,


1872.blend (975 KB)