Loose Cannon


Fan art of the Loose Cannon from Team Fortress 2, one of the weapons used by the demoman.

For this project I ventured into the style of fully hand painted textures and lighting. I have dabbled on this style before but not to this level, so it was a big learning experience.

My workflow was to first model the highpoly model with all the details. Then I made a lowpoly version and UV unwrapped it by keeping each part grouped and aligned to make painting easier.

To start texturing I first set the base color for each part and baked the lighting from Cycles to work as a base for painting. For baking the lighting the lowpoly mesh used a normal map baked from the highpoly version, so that all the details would be captured by the lighting.

I painted the model in Krita, gradually adding patterns to the wood, painting extra reflections and overlaying curvature and AO maps for detail. It was really important to always check the grayscale values and to preview it in blender to see what needed to be worked on. I also used an ID map to quickly mask parts of the texture.

Some extra renders


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Great, good luck :star_struck::blender_logo_64_png:

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Lovely work! <3
And that orange bounce light… :pinched_fingers: Instantly brings me back to Dustbowl =D


Here’s a 3D view of the model on the Sketchfab viewer:

I also wrote an extended breakdown of the modeling and texturing process on my sketchbook here:


Thank you Billie!

ahhh the memories of playing Dustbowl and getting stuck for more than 20 minutes trying to capture the final point :smile:


Great breakdown! I’m featuring it :+1:


Thank you Bart!

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hey Lillya on feature row ?
What a good new !
You deserve it :wink:
who dyou want to kill with this weapon ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending !

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Thanks Pitibonom :smiley:

My lawyer said I’m not legally allowed to answer that question


If you like TF2 maybe you should check this https://tfsource2.com/ . A group of fans is moving TF2 on Source 2 engine. Maybe you want to contribute models?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I’ve been following this project for a while, it’s really impressive what they made so far.

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amazing work! any chance you could share the blend file or a FBX file? Id love to use it in a game mod and it would send me a good bit of time :smile: