ok sorry if im flooding the forums with my work today but im tryig to put all my old work on here, so heres on of the things im working on. im trying to put together various Lord of the Rings objects, just for fun. heres the first object. sposed’ to be an orc helmet


The image map is pretty stretched on the sides, I am not good at texturing so you will have to ask someone else for help on that, but the model is good and the image map itself looks good, but I thought the helmets were iron with leather sides, maybe just me.

try setting the material to ‘cube’ so it doesn’t get stretched out on the sides. Also it looks good but it doesn’t seem like it has depth(the edges seem infantitly thin) try thickening it.

I don’t remember much about the structure of the helmets, so no comments on the modeling.
The texture looks like it could use a higher Norm value. Also, try changing the (I forget the name) value to Sphere.

well i set it to the “cube” so the testure wouldnt get so streched, but it got all cuby…

I don’t know how the heck your texture got like that unless you have repeated it a whole bunch of times, but you set the nor value in materials. there’s a little slider way over on the right.

look below the part wher you set the norm col ray spec on/off buttons on th bottom corner there is a ‘nor’ slider move it up to increase norm values.

this better?

yup, it is.
You still want to have the texture mapped as a sphere though.
Go to Map input, and select sphere. That ought to do the trick I guess.

yeah it looks better and if your using photo bucket you can use direct linking… use the tags… around the address

yeha, that helped alot.

i dont now what happend last time when i did this but it worked this time… now its not all smeared :stuck_out_tongue:

oh lol, sorry did see your post before i posted fonix…this better? http://img33.photobucket.com/albums/v101/joguy923/orc_helmet_sphere.jpg

much more convienent, the tex is looking better but it could use a higher poly count so the straight edges aren’t so prominant.

actually its prolly higher polly count than you think, but i will try and smooth outh those edges…um…how can i post a wireframe pic?

you can d o2 different things… Open GL render(look at top menu) or set the material of the object to ‘wire’ located on the left side of the material settings…

definitely better! good job. Are you going to make the orc that goes in it?
If not, you can always use my goblin, availablte at my website.

ok thx. heres a wire of the modle…(i seem to like this better than the GL thing)


ok well im done for the night. zZzZ

oh thx goeland, ill make my own orc, but yes i will try yours if that is ok

are the inner and outer parts of the helmet connected? it seems like they are separated(you might need to connect em)

yeah i know, i just realized that. when i first stared this modle i never thought about extruding it inwards for depth…ill have to fix that.now for sleep