Lots Of Planets Have A North! (Ninth Doctor)

I’ve been wanting for a while to make a 3D model of the Ninth Doctor, as played by Christopher Eccleston.
So far, I’ve made two versions of his face. The first one didn’t work as well as I hoped, so I redid it, which is what you see here. The first is half of his face to show how it lines up, and, obviously, the second is the full face.


I added some eyelids and eyes to him. Here’s a Dead-Eyed render.

Re-made his hair, added eyes. Needs some tweaking. Brow is too pronounced, wrinkle needs to be moved a little bit. Lip needs tapering toward the ends.

I wasn’t satisfied with how that was turning out so I deleted above his nose and re-did it. I have to make the eyes again and some of it still needs to be realigned. I also remade part of his nose, it’s much better now, I think. Anybody have any tips for making eyelids? They’re a bit awkward.

The eye seems to close to the nose and i think you have to form out the eyebrow area a little more ( it comes a little flat on the last version ) … but however you have a good start here, keep it up :slight_smile:

I see what you mean. I’ve been having a bit of trouble keeping the shape without overdoing it…

Okay, I remade it again because I wasn’t satisfied with how it was working last time. I like number three. One of the problems with this reference image is that no face is really symmetrical and the eye, for example, on the left (his left) is more open than the right. Makes it a bit difficult to tell when I cut off half for comparison when I’m doing it right.

Also, it seems that his chin on the right doesn’t line up with the left, so I’ll need to alter that too.

Ah dont give up Mammal, Rome wasent build on one day. Im modeling heads since years ( guess i made the first one in 1999 with 3ds Max 3.1 ^^ ) and i still struggle to get any likeness. But striving for it is ( imo ) the right way to learn. Since this teaches your eyes for all the facial features, not only the eyes and ears and the lips but also for the cheakbones, the jawline, hairline … ect.
Just hang in there but also take brakes when ever you feel your forcing things too much, try something different and comeback to it later. ( this is what helps me with my works ) … keep it up :slight_smile:

PS.: … i could be wrong, but somehow i have the feeling the eyeball is too small. Keep in mind you only see very little of it the rest is hidden inside inside the head --> click

You may have a point about the eye. It’s a bit awkward because he’s not got them both open the same amount. Here’s the other side. I’ll try making it bigger and see if it looks right.

Eyes are the problem when I make humans. Definitely needs practice, but I did edit them just now and it looks much better.

This is a render of what I’ve done so far. It’s getting better. I’m going to redo a part of his nose though. Possibly the whole nose. I’ve got a redundant edge loop on it, I think. Or at least it’s useful, but not as much as it could be. I think it’s getting there, though.

I’m almost satisfied with this now. I also started making a rough version of his outfit, but there’s nothing really to see for that yet.
Just a bit more on the nose, I think. Ears and nose. He did not have good luck regenerating into this.

Started making clothing.

He has his body more or less done now. I need the details on the jacket, maybe some other parts, then texturing.

I just could not bring myself to be satisfied with how that was turning out. I couldn’t get his likeness right. I think it’s the hair, for one. It makes his head look different. So, I restarted from scratch, because this is my own project and I have time to do that. Here is how I’ve got him so far. This time I’m modelling on his hair, which is useful but also presents me with some problems for later.

Hey, Mammal Pod.

Are you going to continue this project? I’ve been waiting for updates for monthes, before I got an account.

I really like the most recent head.

I thought you might ask. Yes, I will continue it. Everything in this thread is long gone, though, my whole hard drive broke. I’ll have to remake the reference image, then I’ll start modelling again. I can’t texture worth anything, though.

Ok. Glad to see your not done with it. I always get disappointed when someone stops a ambitious projects that’s been getting decent results.

Well, from my point of view decent results is going as far as finishing the model. I can’t texture to save my life. I try to work around it whenever I can, like UV Mapping, creating the detail and colour using materials, then baking. Just don’t have the aptitude for it. Or maybe that’s my excuse for not putting more time into it. In any case, I’m going to get back on this when I have time, and I have at least one more month completely free. I was going to see if I could make a decent regeneration effect.

I really want to make a regeneration. I’ve tried but I’m never happy with a simple particle effect. I need to try it with a smoke sim some time.

Yes, I thought that also. It would need a solid amount of tweaking, though. After all, The general effect might not be so hard, but if you wanted to morph the face it would need to be visible without ruining the effect.