riding all new “blender horses” at once: displacement sculpting with cycles ao map (displacement map is shared by michalis, thanks!), dynatopo sculpting the sketch for the baby in pose, retopo and multires sculpting the baby, and hair under cycles… skin texture for the baby was hand painted in zbrush though (i still don’t have a clue how to do that in blender easily), and post work (vignette) in photoshop … and despite all these technicalities i tried to not loose the idea … i hope you enjoy

this is terrific. I would do a little post-pro to raise the contrast somewhat. And I am conflicted about the background, but overall it’s a good idea executed well. Also there is a little moire/aliasing on the shoulder with the displacement pattern, which could be helped by a higher-res render.

thank you, kemmler. and thank you for the constructive critique. the low contrast and the background have the same purpose, i wanted create an intimate atmosphere in the childs bedroom, and baby room wall papers look like that… good point about the shoulder, it missed my view. i can simply edit the uv’s a little to avoid such a dense pattern there.

I mean… WOW
I already tried some PP on this.
I think it’s great as it is. Better some tweaking on cycles for a little more contrast.
Maybe a little more work in UV editor? (you have turned off “subdivideUVs” on subsrurf modifier, yes?)
One of the best recent posts around.
Great work Doris.

BTW, you could try a wide screen take too. You never know, lol
This post demonstrates all the goodies of the new blender.

:slight_smile: thanks michalis… i don’t want contrast here, i actually reduced contrast on this piece intentionally in photoshop… yes, a little more work in uv-editor can fix some things… in this case i have “subdivide uv’s” on in the subsurf modifier, it gave me more the results i was looking for… yes widescreen could be an option from the composition point of view. however, the models have only polygons that you see now, around the camera view is empty. the models also have no backside, just that my comp was able to handle the scene … mom alone gave it almost a stroke … lol

Good jop doris. The only thing that is bothering me is that it seems the baby is coming directly out of her chest.
Is this intentional or is it only the viewing angle?

yes, this pose is intentional, i had a reference image showing exactely that. i can see your point though, which might come from the way i cropped the view, and so there is left only a faint hint of the complete pose … i keep that problem in mind for later work… thank you johal.

Flat graphics, but the idea is good.

damien, ok you dislike something. but just the word “flat graphics” is not helpful.

I think I get why you used the low contrast & background. I was just taken off guard seeing a piece with nursery wallpaper in a forum full of space aliens, watches and laser guns.

That’s utterly amazing Doris !
With the scene as a whole, you’re managing to input emotion within a character that looks robotic, it’s fantastic work.

Though i’m not fan of the background, it does not seem to feel being the right one for the scene.

yes, sanctuary, that was my intention,showing the emotion. … yes, i understand the problem with the background. if i redo the image, i will try a different one. thanks!
kemmler, yes, that is quite a change from monsters, bottles, guns etc. thanks for letting me know, it means a lot to me.

You’ve put all the work to uv map the character, sculpt the baby, then rendered it at 656x820, still with a lot of noise :slight_smile:

Here’s how I’d see it, sorry couldn’t help it.

immi, so now that you made this image you can see the difference. its exactely what i was discussing with kemmler. your modification lost an important statement my image makes. your version is valid, but not what i wanted to say with my image. … about the small size, as i said, this is due to my hardware limitations. … thanks for thinking about my image.

beautiful work doris. the lack of contrast between light and shadow makes it look a bit flat but still its a awesome piece 5 stars from me.

thank you tyrant :slight_smile:

1 Monat abwesend vom Sculpting thread, schon kommen so schöne Sachen raus :wink:

yes good idea

hey thank you :slight_smile: frankfurt, wow, not that far :slight_smile: nun, dann mal los, immer aufgesprungen (= then go on, jump on the wagon) the sculpting thread is great to learn a lot about blender, art, anatomy, whatever you wish… and, its pure fun!

Yep a lot better!