Low Poly Flamingos in Low Poly Water + Animation (EEVEE)

This project had a lot of FIRSTs for me.

My first EEVEE render.
My first low Poly model and render and animation.
My first non abstract model.
My first Rigging.

I hope you like it.

And finally, you can see them all in action in some Low Poly Mockumentary footage with great music and SFX by Edwin Montgomery.
VFX and all visible stuff by ToxicTuba.


Find my previous animation here (more abstract):


Really like it, super cute! Wish I could give you some tips but I’m not that good in Blender. One thing I did notice, maybe play with a (bezier) curve on the ins and outs of, for example, the animated wings. This will smooth the movement a bit.

thanks for your nice and helpful comment. Yeah, keyframing is key for good animation. I’ll keep that in mind for the next one :slight_smile: