LuxCoreRender 2.0

(Harvester) #201

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Piter) #202

Thank you :grinning:

(juang3d) #203

Hey, one question.

Does LuxCore support Blender Principle Shader(s) natively?

It could simplify a lot changing from Cycles to LuxCore and back depending on the project, it would help a lot with having a proper object library and such things, workflow speed is a super important thing, and the main reason why we lock down all our projects to Cycles, if it could be streamlined it cold be super easy to use both engines.


(LuxCore Addon Developer) #204

Not yet. But it is planned to add the principled shader to LuxCore.
I agree with you that it would make an automatic material converter much easier to write.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #205

I have published an experimental release with support for Nvidia’s Optix denoiser in the viewport.
The denoiser is started once the viewport render is paused. It denoises in the background without blocking Blender’s interface.

Download link on the release page:

Here is a video showing the feature in action:

This release only runs on Windows. The Optix denoiser requires an Nvidia GPU.
Note that I do not guarantee that this experimental branch makes it into the official releases.

Optix AI Denoiser
(bobar) #206

And what about Linux?

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #207

I am not aware of an Optix build for Linux.
The addon and LuxCore would work on Linux of course.

(juang3d) #208

More than a material converter I mean an internal interpreter so we don’t have to touch materials to shift from one engine to the other, this would simplify working with LuxCore and Cycles A LOT!

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #209

Yes, this would be my priority.
Internally the “interpreter” and “converter” could share a lot of code.
The “interpreter” has the problem that we can’t mark incompatible nodes in the UI.
The converter could insert a special node to mark incompatibilities. And the user can manually fix the node tree in such a case.

Anyway, I think it’s moot to implement a converter before LuxCore supports the principled shader.

(bobar) #210

There is Optix Denoiser for Modo on Linux.

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #211

But is there a standalone Optix binary for Linux?

(Steffen Dünner) #212

There should be, yes.

In Houdini if you want to use the Optix Denoiser you have to download it first, according to the docs.

On the bottom there are the download links for Windows and Linux.

(English is not my native language) #213

If you download Optix SDK from nvidia site (requires account), it contains .so libraries, including “liboptix_denoiser”. I’m not sure if something else is required.

(3dcgfx) #214

Hi just quickly ask I want to use on Wine but the vcred13 won’t install. Would it be possible to use the dll’s and sort of get it to run without installing vcred? I’ve read there are compatibility problems with Wine and most of the vcreds but in other software there was a glean of success through getting the dll’s which in itself is pretty intensive, seemingly snatched by investigating new registry entries midway through vred install etc, so I thought perhaps someone has Wine advice to save me from wild experiments?

(lacilaci86) #215

I’ve built the denoiser on linux (Delan Russel’s denoiser) but it’s throwing some unknown exception when I try to denoise, and I don’t know how to diagnose it. Probably just missing some libraries to be also present in the denoiser folder, can’t tell

(Canseco Gpc) #216

I tried to modify the scons config but it fails trying to find the optix library.
Could you share how did you compiled it?

(lacilaci86) #217

It had issue finding optix too, I copied some libraries from sdk to contrib/optix/lib (lib64 folder from sdk specifically I think)

(Canseco Gpc) #218

contrib/optix/lib? I used contrib/optix/bin folder, and needed to change some things on scons and main.cpp so it could find the includes.

But it still can’t find it.

(lacilaci86) #219

Yes created lib folder in contrib/optix and then put,, into that directory. I actually have optix 5.1.1 I don’t think it should be a problem but that’s the current version from nvidia. Are you using scons? What is the exact error? I had few, and I literally started copying files left and right until it “worked” :smiley:

(Canseco Gpc) #220

Yep, SConstruct (5.7 KB)

And main.cpp too, main.cpp (11.3 KB)