LuxCoreRender v2.2

New era for the Luxcore render community. After month of Hard work the luxcore team is proud to share with you the release of Luxcore 2.2 alpha 0.
This big update come with a lot of huge improvement over 2.1.

PhotonGI cache aka PGI : Like Corona Vray or Redshift luxcore have now a secondary light caching engine. Indirect and caustic cache can easily improve the rendering time of some scene of a 5-10 factor. It is really a game changing tool, especially for ArchiViz interior renderings. Note that it also work faster on GPU.

Intel Open Image Denoise Library

Oidn is another new major feature capable to significantly reduce rendering times, both of pre-views and final renderings.

2min Render on i7 8700k PGI + OIDN

3min Render on i7 8700k PGI + OIDN

10mn Render on R9 390 PGI + OIDN

Download it Here :


Luxcore 2.2 ____ 1mn Render :


Amazing work lux-team.
When i saw this post yesterday, i thought that by today this thread would have exploded with replies.
Im trying out this alpha as we speak. Great stuff!


Yes!!! Is really nice to see blender has a good and easy alternative to those other renderers!

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Luxcore is very good renderer for archviz and with new pgi option this will be a best option for blender.

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Thanks for the tutorials and share.


This quality has sense :smiley: First and third image looks like from v-ray.
God bless You Guys!

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Why you guys dropped 3ds max? :frowning:

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It is not like we don’t want to support 3DsMax, it is just we don’t have any developer with the know-how (and the software licenses) to support 3Ds.

In 10 years of Lux, we had, at some point, a very good Maya/3Ds/C4D/etc. integration however there has never been a continuity in the plugin development for commercial software. Each plugins has been abandoned as soon as the single developer with skill set and will to develop the integration was not more interested in the topic.

Blender is different, it is free and available for any OS, it has always been the bare minimum common ground for everyone.


We need version compatible with 2.80. I can’t wait to fiddle with it :wink:


this + some tutorial to get start fast


Yes 2.8 would be great. The only reason to use 2.79 is luxcore for me. But it’s definitely worth it.

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For Tutorial you can start here even if it is Blendluxcore for 2.79 it is the same luxcore wich is under develpment for 2.80


Hmmmm, secondary light cache. I read somewhere on the forum that it is too much work to be implemented in Cycles anytime soon and here you are with Lux. As soon as Luxcore is in 2.8 I am going to test it aswell.

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Here’s a small direct comparison with cycles and also with cache.
Using corona benchmark scene from Rawalanche

using single gtx1060!

here’s how 20 minutes of rendering look like using cycles:

here’s 20 minutes with Luxcore (pathtracing only, no cache):

And here’s 3 minute rendering using indirect light caching:

Note that there is currently small brightness difference when using cache, bias isn’t too big but keep in mind it is still alpha version of the software.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in direct comparison luxcore beats even corona, but I cannot test this now.

Luxcore still isn’t as feature complete as cycles for example but development is progressing very fast (this cache solution was probably done in record breaking time :D) I would strongly reccomend to everyone who is doing archviz using blender to give it a try! Also more people testing and giving feedback could accelerate development even more.

I keep track of major features that are being worked on on this trello board if you want to know what is coming to luxcore next:

  1. Is “denoise” used in the image?

No, there is no denoising in these tests


Wow you strike hard bro. I’m suprised.


It all looks great. I’m crying myself to sleep every night, desperately longing for a Blender 2.8 version of LuxCoreRender. :slightly_smiling_face: I just can’t go back to 2.79 anymore now that I’m finally feeling really comfortable with all the novelties of 2.8.


Do you have the cycles blend file available to download for that scene?