LuxCoreRender v2.2

Unfortunately, the daily builds do not yet generate MacOS builds.

Oh damn, I guess I never noticed that.

@KRUChY, sorry for the wrong information

No problem, but no v 2.2 on Mac now avia le - only to build for my self… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks to @sharlybg, we have a new example scene: “Danish Mood”.


TAO is almost at the end of the MaxLuxcore plugin creation :

New tutorial available here :

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New features for MaxLuxCore.
New parameters support for lights include Omni, Spotlight, Sky and Directional
Light Limits (Decay, Fade out, etc)
Position Animation + Target Position Animation


We have released v2.2beta1:


Awesome :slight_smile:

Any news on 2.8 port? We don’t use 2.79 anymore, collections and other things are way too powerful to go back.



2.8 ≠ production ready (comercial use)

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I disagree…

2.8 = Beta

But that does not mean that it is not stable enough to be used in production, it all depends on how risky for your particular job you think 2.8 may be, for us, even with the changes it receives week after week, 2.8 is production ready and we use it every day in our commercial pojects.

So I’ll repeat my question, how is the 2.8 integration going?

IMHO it should be ready before 2.8 release, so new 2.8 users can experiment with LuxCore too, not just Cycles or Radeon Pro Render.

I try a setup with mainly indirect light. An area light placed inside a half sphere, shining upwards.

I tried different things to fix this render. Is there a reason for the curious result?

To see difference, same scene with other render engine (Appleseed).

LuxCore is now in beta phase, so I think I can start it.
But it is still a very big project to undertake and requires some motivation on my part, because it will require some work that is not fun to do. Of course that also happens with normal development, but not in this extent - usually I implement new features because it’s fun to see people use it, and I endure some inconvenience in the process, but it’s ok if it only takes a few hours.
The 2.8 port will require me to do a lot of work (most likely I will have to touch every single file of the addon, plus C++ code in LuxCore) before people can start using it. I am also observing that other addon developers stumble about many new bugs/regressions in the 2.8 Python API - this is always an annoyance.

I have considered opening a fundraising campaign for the 2.8 port, but it seems a bit too much for my taste. People can already place bounties on our github issues, so one way to motivate me (or others) to do the 2.8 port would be to offer some money for the “Blender 2.8” issue.
I will most likely do the port regardless how much money I get for it, but I also have other stuff to worry about, so it might take a while.

It looks like you have the default sky light in the world settings enabled. Switch the world to “None” to remove it.


Oh, I did not have a clue this could cause it.
Now, World background is None. The Luxcore render looks very different!

Thank you for your help.

I wonder what the settings for that noisy image were, because the massive light leaking could be a cause for concern.

If one supposedly wanted to make a scene with both indoor and outdoor elements, does that mean going back to the days of thick walls and tweaking resolution settings (because those are legacy concepts that many in the professional arena were happy to see come to an end)?

Yes, something about the scene is peculiar for the light leaks to be this massive.


I can imagine that you need some motivation, think about it in this way, the sooner LuxCore is present in 2.8, the more probabilities will be that new 2.8 users will adopt it as their render engine of choice.

More and more professional users are coming to blender, more studios, more freelancers and more artists in general, and the explosion will come one 2.80 is released in stable, and for that moment is important that everyone that wants to be seen is ready to be seen.

I really love Cycles, but I also love Lux (Render and Core) and I want to feature LuxCore in some live streamings, I want to make it more visible thorugh my youtube channel, but I can only do that if it is compatible with 2.8.

Think that right now LuxCore has some features that Cycles lacks, and for some projects LuxCore can be better suited than Cycles, some render passes, the shadow catcher is better and other things like the new indirect cache.

You can even think in creating a Patreon or doing something similar to what @bliblubli did, make LuxCore evolve first in some kind of semi-closed situation and open things a bit later, so supporters get new features before non-supporters for example, if you don’t like that way I understand and respect it, it’s just an idea, and thinking just that you may need to eat, so dedicating time to LuxCore could be possible or not depending if you have moeny in your pocket or not, as any other person.
Think that if you want money there is a rule you have to follow, make easy for people to give you money, GitHub bountys can be a bit complex and unknown for general users (github itself can be totally unknown for general users), a Patreon or a Gumroad store with a subscription or a 1 time payment could be a better fit, and don’t be ashamed for wanting to be paid for your great job, we all need to eat, and we give a lot for free, and no one is saying that you should close the code and sell LuxCore, just receive a bit of support for it, I would do a showcase about this if you do this, a Patreon or a Gumroad store, I think both are good options.

2.80 is a great opportunity to make LuxCore more visible and enjoyed by more people, and if I ask so much about the 2.8 integration is precisely because I would love to see LuxCore being more mainstream and used more by Pro users in many type of projects.

P.S.: you can enter in Blender.Chat and talk with other devs there, there is Povmaniac (Pedro) he is porting his render engine (The Bounty, which is a fork from Yafaray) to 2.8, so you can speak with him about different things he found in the way to do it, he has The Bounty already working on 2.8 :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the kind words.

I think a new gumroad/Patreon is not necessary.
Bountysource offers:

  • One time donations
  • Recurring (monthly) donations
  • Bounties: donations that are only paid if a feature is delivered

I want to use the third category for the 2.8 port.

For anyone who wants to donate for the 2.8 port of our Blender addon:
You can do so by following this link: Blender 2.8 issue on bountysource. On the right you can change how much you want to contribute, select the payment method, and checkout.

In other news:
Piita has expanded our Quick Start Guide which is meant to help new users of our Blender addon.


We have a new example scene: “Procedural Leaves” by Provisory:

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Got impressed by Corona’s new Fast Caustics Playground so i tried LuXcore’s PG Caustics Cache & got much less than expected…

Am i doing it wrong or are things still missing (no reflective caustics)?
Also, will there be a “Caustics” pass? (should be great for compositing)
caustics_MISbehave.blend (805.4 KB)