MA5B assault rifle

this is the MA5B assault rifle from halo. and that pretty much raps it up


nice modelling, you need to work on the material though, WooT HALO FAN!!
tip: ctrl-J joins all of the different meshes into one mesh, you could make them all the same material this way

im sry, but in the reference images i used these were the colors in use

the colors are fine, but the texture of the objects could use some work. as in they look like plastic instead of metal. Its more to do with your shaders and maybe adding a fine bumpy stucci and even a bit of ray mirror to parts of the gun. keep up the good work. looking good .

this is the closest i came to metal (for update c image above)

no more coments?

sweet dude.
Serious halo fan.

This does not belong in the Finished Projects forum. The model is good, however, the textures are just sad, and lighting is virtually non-existant. You need to work on learning to texture, and learn the power of lighting. Something as simple as a good lighting setup can make an “okay” scene look fantastic.

ya. do u have any tutorials to recommend?
btw how do i change this to focused critique?

The barrel seems to be too long. Otherwise it looks pretty good.

the barrel is not too long

you might want to try looking here ( ) for a reference, most of them are in MAX format, but some are in OBJ, or 3DS. There might be something somewhere else on the page that you can use too. I also agree that the model is great, but the texture could be better.

Dude can we use that with more detail for the Halo 4 movie?


Sad, as the (non) smiley implies.

sure! the lightng is crappy so u can´t see the real detail


here u see some more detail
and again how do i move this 2 focused critique


The barrel is too long.:yes:

I’m serious. Your barrel sticks out a ways out of the body. Its only supposed to come out a little, like an inch (if it was in real life).


It looks as though your model may have some potential, as, from what I can see, there is much detail. But, you must listen to what people have to say.

  1. Shorten the barrel of the gun to stick out only an inch, to scale, of course.

  2. I don’t know what your lighting set-up is, but since you don’t have a specific scene that needs specific lighting, delete what lighting you have, and add these items instead:

     a. A spot, pointing at your gun from the camera's side of the scene
     b. A hemi, about ten units above your gun, emitting a soft light, no shadows
     c. Turn on Ambient Occlusion, samples to 6, dist on, dist = 5.0
     (see attachment)

This should show us the details you have modeled and that we, as your critiquing audience, need to see.

I hope this helps.

EDIT: Make your world color bright, like pure white or something. Since your model is dark, this will bring out the details even more.


;)ok i´ll try that. thanks