I’m not 100% certain this is what you want, but HypcerCursor supports sliding a face, see

This is of course of no use to you as it’s unreleased, and I’m currently focusing on other things, in part due to various Blender bugs not being addressed by the devs.

Maybe I should just release it as is at some point.


I’d vote for that!


I’ve eyeballed group pro for a few years now. But I haven’t been able bring myself to pull the trigger on it. Esp for something that should already be a part of Blender, and essentially is with collections. Partly why I made a free add-on. When enabled double clicking an object selects the collection the object is in. Anyway, I’m not here to high jack. Group pro has always looked cool, but I just can’t justify it esp for $30.

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I love this snapping pie but I wish it had a grid snapping option since as env guy that is the most common one I toggle. Is there any way to add absolute grid snap toggle to this pie menu?

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It’s a good suggestion, I’ll add it for the next release. I never really use grid snapping myself, but I can see how it’s useful for many people.


One more thing: I use Machin3.focus and sometimes it zooms a bit too close to the selection so I end up always zooming out a bit before I can work. Would it be possible to add option for the zoom in distance or frame object?

That can be annoying but it’s really a flaw in Blender’s View/Frame Selected. It can get too close, especially for simple mesh selections. In the past, I had an additional zoom out step, but this would then zoom out a bit too much in other cases.


Maybe I should just release it as is at some point.
I’d vote for that! +++

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