"Make Local" equivalent for the "Make Proxy" Armature Objects?


I have a linked/referenced rig file with a “Make Proxy” Armature Objects.
Whenever I create “Make Local” even set to All. Only the Linked/Referenced File gets to be local.

The “Make Proxy” Armature Objects are still in proxy mode. (Can be verified with that ghost icon).
Is there a “Make Local” equivalent for the “Make Proxy” Armature Objects?

There is an existing thread about it. But there is no answer.


Hi, Ben

I wrote this thread at long time ago.
May be ver2.6 or ver.2.7.

I checked at ver2.82a.
So, we can not change Proxy Armature to Local Armature.

If you will change Linked ArmatureObject to Local ArmatureObject,
Select Linked Armature, and Open Objects Property.
click LINK ICON.
Then change Local Objects.


Hi @blekei

Thanks for the response.
I’m quite confused on your reply.

You mentioned “So, we can not change Proxy Armature to Local Armature.” then proceeded to give an instruction on how to actually Proxy to Local?

Anyhow, T tried going to the “Objects Property” but I can’t find the Link Icon.

You can check in the attached screenshot below:

Hi, Ben

Proxy can not localize.
You can localization only LINK OBJECT.




Ah gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it.