Making a symmetrical custom bevel on both sides of an edge

I’m trying to make a symmetrical custom designed bevel on both sides of an edge. Here’s my starting point:

I’m starting with the edge running from A to B, or AB for short. I have custom shaped bevel I’ve made. This is not the final bevel shape I want, but it’s a good example since it’s exaggerated so it’s clear that the shape it creates is not symmetrical:

The workspace where I made the bevel shape is for the whole bevel. When I started, I was hoping that what I did in that box would show on one side of AB and would be mirrored on the other side of AB, but now I see that won’t happen.

Is there a way to make a custom bevel shape that would be mirrored at the edge I’m using so the custom designed shape is on both sides of the edge? I want to use the bevel to create a wide custom tapered U shape, with AB at the middle of the curve in the U. I’m not insistent on using bevels, though. If there’s a better way to create this kind of curve, I’m open to it.

You would need to mirror the mesh for it to work.
Unfortunately it will only bevel inwards on the corner. For whatever reason you cannot move the endpoints and flip the custom curve around to make the bevel come outward.
The solution is to build out the corner and bevel that…
Bevel Mirror

It may be easier to make them on another mesh sitting on an axis.

Along that line, I thought about this and realized I could make the shape using a curve and a mirror modifier. So I did it, but was still hoping there might be an easier way to do it or that using a bevel might work.

I guess it won’t, as you point out, so it’s a good thing I just went ahead and found another way to do it.

Thanks - not the answer I wanted, but at least I know it’s a good thing I didn’t keep trying that method!

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