Making literally N64 games

Last time exploring internet i found out news like Project 64 N64 PC emulator supporting N64DD games like Sim City 64,Mario Artist,Doshiin the Giant,F-ZERO GX Enpansion Pack.Shall it be 3D Milk Shape?Does somebody using 3D Milkshape,yet?

Milkshape 3D is strictly a 3D modeling program, not a game engine.

I would like to know what kind of game engine were EarthBound 64 and Quest 64?

From games made that long ago, chances are the engines were strictly in-house technology and never made to be licensed to everyday game creators or even big publishers.

Many of them likely no longer exist even (or if they do would not resemble what they looked like back then).

can you answer about thread editing gamecube games 3d models in blender or 3D milk shape?Will nintendo rebrand nintendo power newspaper magazine again?

I’m pretty sure that obtaining the game files directly and editing them (then posting them as a new game) is illegal. Nintendo executes very strict IP protection policies and it isn’t unheard of for fan-game projects to be shut down.

So this thread becomes a how-to on how to guarantee a date with Nintendo’s lawyers (since you’re talking about getting the actual game files for personal projects).

Maybe EarthBound 64 cartridges are hidden and protected very well.

Ripping games and passing off edited versions of your own will almost guarantee a banning from this forum as well, I don’t think you would want that.

No of course I don’t want to.EarthBound 64 is just a memory.Now it’s time for EarthBound NX.

Nintendo still owns the IP and you’ll still technically be infringing on it.

Other people have tried to make Nintendo fangames and got cease and desist letters from the company (which included someone who created a simple Unity demo of the first level of Mario 64). Nintendo is very protective over its trademarks and will do what they can to prevent fangames from existing.

What if Nintendo die?Why I can’t just show you EarthBound NX?Will Nintendo buy Sucker Punch and Rare again?

The thing with copyrights is that they can continue to last even after a company goes out of business (more likely than not someone else will take ownership of the IP).

Likewise, Rare wouldn’t really have ownership of it because they were a studio making games for Nintendo back then (so what they made became Nintendo property).

If Nintendo actually saw Earthbound NX at the point where the gameplay was really coming together, they may indeed give you a case and desist letter (they are not open to fangames of their IP’s like Sega is).

So why they can’t make it?or at least hire me?

where can i contact with nintendo lawyers?and shigesato itoi?

You will need to show them that you have the skill they expect first, and from your WIP thread, you are quite a long ways from that threshold (this is also providing that they are hiring developers in the first place).

Also, regarding contact with the lawyers, I can’t give you that information as I wouldn’t know myself. Though I have doubts that you would be able to get approval from them and that is providing they’re even available for contact (they just won’t let any Nintendo fan call them willy nilly).

For finishing EarthBound 64 demo(megaman legends 3 and sonic X-Treme don’t need permission) unreleased from Nintendo e3 1999 spaceworld I need permission to gain cartridge which might be Holy grail of Nintendo gaming tactics from past before Nintendo Power died.Stop Gamer found rare consoles like Sony PlayStation prototype,Project Dolphin(maybe SNES CD).Now project 64 can open N64DD game dlcs’.I can’t show you.I don’t want to get ban(hammer).

Documentary about MOTHER 3(Prototype) isn’t illegal.Even making indie games from second to fifth video game console generations using Retro VGS.

Then why are Pokemon Showdown and Pokemon Online still around?

Nintendo won’t hire you for nothing.

These copyright problems exist because you can’t have others benefitting off your hard work(usually detrimenting you) unless you’re okay with it.

Okay I get it.

Nintendo had theyre own engine and it is very rare to find a cd that has it but if youre Lucky you might find a dev kit for The n64 on ebay that includes the cd