Maritime Downloads - Sailing Ships and Coastal - Section 2

I have changed to small routes under 10 km and under 5 meg zip. The emphasis is on sailing vessels, era up to about 1815. Starts at Annan on Solway Firth and will follows the harbours around the coastline.
There will be a more detailed description in the zip file.
This route has 3 keys to set in motionthe various vessel movement. keys 1,2,3. Using 2.79b only.
To be reuploaded as missed texture off one vessel.
Redownloaded and tested - seems OK now
use at your own risk,
Not for commercial use, (2.4 MB)

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Use at your own risk
Not for commercial use.

Sloop leaving the end of the wood pier heading towards the ‘busy’ docks to berth. B

This will be the format for all the future routes. That completes the 2nd route. All routes I regard as completed as unlike a game there are endless ways to make martime routes as each route is different. I won’t post about the routes on the demo and work in progress section unless of course for relevant discussion. Each zip file should contain a description, detail page, unless I forget to enclose it.
Nice to see the shipyards busy again, so double grog for the sailors (smile).

The ‘busy’ looking docks.


key 1 opens dock gates and starts schooner
key 3 in double dock opens dock gates and starts schooner.
Use at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.

20 vessels I think. (2.8 MB)

Maryport. The schooners are blocked in and the two of them will take a while to ease their way out of schooners.
I set the length of time to 1000 seconds animation for the two schooners in the timeline. B.


Next is the three harbours in the one route.
Workington, Harrington, Whitehaven.
I have animated two schooners starting from the middle dock Harrington. One travels to Workington and the other to Whitehaven. No drivable in this new series and no scenarios.
Also using a (4.3 MB) method and can now add greater detail.

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See following posts. B

Liverpool docks c1800 ships .
3 drivable, first dock. wasd, tfgh, ijkl
Not for commercial use.
Use at your own risk.
B (5.0 MB)

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Downloaded to test it.
If using the schooner you need to thread your way through the dock gates and channel by going very slowly and pehaps keep more to the left. B

It can be done but might need a few tries.

I won’t be updating any routes that I have uploaded.
Not for Commercial use.
Use at your own risk.
All routes free!

P.S. Added steamships to thread heading.


Time for another pause until I decide what to do!

Just a brief update.
Another try at making a steamship as using the scaled up hull of sailing barge.

After a few hours no go, so we stay mainly in the world of sail. Might include paddlers.
So to narrow the choices further. Obviously there is very little interest in the drivable vessels, so as they are combined with scenarios that is now no go. Size of route is a problem maybe 20 km, one decimate click, replace seabed with 4 vertices sheet.
Preset routes and animations and keys 1 to 9 maybe and would like 9 animations in each route. Will try it in next route.
and if works I will start making alternative routes, also combined with instancing should make interesting routes (at least for myself and possibly for a few others).
Finally I don’t know the true figure for people downloading but it is not confined just to to these forums.
Age of Sail is a busy world (smile).


Been trying out the various alternatives at 30 and 40 km size routes. Also replace seabed with 4 vertices flat plane. Using decimate. However each choice has problems as max. file size 5 megs. Finally come to a solution 12 to 15 km seems to be the best choice. No decimate needed and no need to replace seabed, using instancing on most objects.

Maybe leave ships at drivable and floating making them all floating using rigid body and forget the static preset routes. I will give it a try. I might add the occasional jetties/piers if appropriate and no sailing ship harbours.

After numerous experiments the procedure I have decided on is as follows…Some extra routes will be made to fill in the gaps even if no harbours on them.
Vessels will now be mainlly drivable and floating static (maybe drift a little). Additional houses and trees will be added using instancing and all zipped files will be under the limit of 5 meg. Using 2.79b as it contains all the functions that I need to make these routes.

I will be going through all the routes gradually, They will be renumbered and renamed , uploaded, and will run in a contnuous sequence starting from the Solway Firth.
Era pretend age of sail. up to early 1800s.
Whether there is any interest to forum members is up to you. Not important, as they are read worldwide. I will also be giving details and descriptions enclosed in the zip file.

The Solway
Added drivable sloop and trees.
Upload withdrawn as it has a problem.
Won’t be re-uploading it.


About 40 routes I think on maritime downloads pages 1 and 2 to download.
I have decided it is not worth the effort making ships to run on preset tracks.
I have found the best method is for me to limit size to about 12km which avoids using decimate and juggling with removing seabeds, etc. I will put maybe 3 or 4 drivable vessels in each route and add 100s of trees and many ‘floating’, static vessels. File size has to be limited to under 5 meg.
I will possibly make a few versions of Liverpool docks c1800 to 1815 maybe. I might add grass texture allong rivers, etc. I could possibly add scenario for ships to ‘collect’ cargo etc from the different quays but only ‘if requested’. B

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i have put the download of Liverpool docks back onto this page. (3.5 MB)

Drivable vessels are in the first dock.
sloop wasd, sailing flat tfgh, schooner ijkl.
Considering the large size again at 40 km. approx.
Perhaps if you are running these routes on a laptop, etc you could post to confirm if they are working ok as all are below 5 meg in size for the zip file.
With experimenting and using different methods I might now be able to make routes more realistic at 40 km.
Probably 3 or 4 sailing vessels will be available in each route.
Dropped the idea of making preset routes for the vessels.
I can include collecting cargoes barrels etc as small scenarios but by request,
i am starting again at Solway Firth at 40km following coastline.