Maritime routes downloads:

As this information is of a different type to previous I have started this thread.

All my routes and content, images are free as mainly from my own photos. The only restrictions are use at your own risk.
Not for commecial use including my routes, my content, my textures.
I can’t seem to alter te heading to remove Download on WIP Maritime 5.

Routes will need 2.79 or 2.79b to open the blend file. Maybe earlier versions will also work. You do not need to know how to use Blender but is required to open and run the blend file.


Use at your own risk : Not for commercial use

The downloadable routes I will regard as completed I think I will try and transfer them to this completed section. These are based on the larger routes on my own computer but all under 5 meg on Blender Artists.

There are now 7 of these routes and they follow around the Uk coastline.

The routes start from the Solway Firth and follow around the coastline going south.

Previously the era was up to early 19th century but will try and add most of the harbours and docks, using sail and very early paddle steamers. Maybe evenually make a version 2 with steamships. So mush will be pretend but terrain based on satellite data, harbours and docks on OpenStreetMap.

So routes are Solway Annan, Silloth, Maryport. Workington which has a few harbours, Ravenglass, Barrow-in-Furness, Morecambe Bay.
Some routes will have an interactive scenario (game).
The routes are not open for critique as they are free to download and to use.
Please post if any problems.
The terms are simple: Use at your own risk.
My maritine routes, my content, my textures are all free but must not be used for commercial gain.

Solway Firth and Annnan Harbour
Download the route and go for a ‘sail’.
Simple scenario collect barrels on quayside. However there is catch. The catch is the barrels are at mouth of river on the jetty.
The vessel at the jetty collects the barrels behind the sloop.
Not for commercial use, use at your own risk.

Barry (3.4 MB)


Silloth is the next route following around the UK coastlin. Contains scenario to rescue crewman. (4.7 MB)

The vessel aground is outside the docks to the right.

Use at you own risk : Not for commercial use.

Continuing along the coastline to Maryport.
Not for commercial use. Use at your own risk.

Barry (5.0 MB)

Up to Workington.
This route also contains. Harrington and Whitehaven harbours and docks.
Usual terms not for commercial use.Not for commercial use, use at your own risk.
Barry (4.7 MB)

Coninuing to follow the UK coatline south to Ravenglass.
There isn’t and actual harbour but might have been used since Roman times for trade and to shelter vessels.
Usual Terms. Not for commercial use : Use at your own risk

No scenario in this route. (4.9 MB)

Barrow in Furness. Route 6
I modern times it became a large shipbuilding works.
One drivable schooner ijkl.
Not for commercial use, use at your own risk. (4.7 MB)

Morecambe Bay Route 7.

Only harbour is Ulverston with sea gates, 2 kilometers in length canal channel. The banks are of a canal type but no towpath. Small vessels and schooners used it. not sure if pulled by the crew or horses?
Not for commercial use, use at your own risk.
Size of route is 20km x 12 km (4.8 MB)


Ulverston canal channel far left.

Heysham and Glasson area basic route.
Heysham dock not built until 1904 so too late for sailing vessels.
All my routes terms are simple.
Use at your own risk.
Not for commercial use. (4.8 MB)

Post amended - next will be two seperate routes which will complete the area from the Solway Firth and the border of Scotland around the coastline to the river Mersey.

The Wyre route and Fleetwood will be basic. After that will be the Ribble which will have some of the old quays before the largest single dock in the UK was built about 1890 i think.
There era pretend will always be early 19th century, It gets to complex after that to spend time trying to make it.

When I reach Liverpool I will split it up into 3 areas, main docks, Ellesmere Port and Locks barge dock, beginning of th Leeds to Liverpool canal.
So the next two routes will complete a marker of 10 routes. I am unlikely to update the 10 so for all intents and purposes they will be ‘completed’.

After Liverpool I might continue around to Barmouth. To use the remaider of the basic routes I made around to Lands End starting after Barmouth would depend if there was any interest in it. After Barmouth routes would be basic terrain, animated rise and fall of sea sheet, roaming camera, drivable sail vessel.


The river Wyre route I left full size as decimate function removed half the terrain and seabed vertices.
It becamE a busy fishing port.
Driivable sailing-flat I left at wasd.
Usual terms use at you own risk.
Not the be used for commercial profit.
Routes built with 2.79b. Blender (4.9 MB)

Route no 10 is the Ribble and Douglas.
I hade to remove quite a bit to fit into 5 meg,
The quays were before the very large single dock was bullt at Preston. They has to divert the river to place the dock.
All my routes terms are simple.
Use at your own risk.
Not for commercial use. (4.9 MB)

Two drivable vessels.
cutter single mast at the quays wasd
Schooner at or near the river Douglas. ijkl
On the Douglas there used to shipbuiling.
The huge dock no longer sees the big cargo ships.
Nowadays part of it I think is a marina and other parts leisure.
To keep the dock open they had to continually dredge to keep the deep water channel open along the Ribble.

So up to 10 of the 31 basic routes made.


If you would like me to try and include scenarios in future, as and when I make them, just post. I won’t be adding them to to the previous ten but if counting ships moving from dock to dock after opening the dock gates I think there are 3 in the batch of ten.

I will probably keep the maritime route-building to this format. Of course they can’t be full routes as each would need many hours or months of work, which is not practical, but there is enough in the 5 meg size to give you an idea. At present I am slowly following the coastline of the UK. selecting some of the harbours as I go. So each route can be regarded as complete in itself.

Should I ever get around to making steamships I will include some.
All routes have the same terms. Free to download and use but not for commercial use. Use at your own risk, etc.

Route 11 i the river Mersey.
I need to remake Liverpool docks at about one and half miles, also Ellesmere Port Canal Complex. Perhaps also the beginning of the Leeds to Liverpool canal.
The would have to be 3 seperate small routes and not sure if each seperate one would fit into 5 meg zip.

These would take a considerable amount of time to make at a leisurely rate so might consider what to do at a later date. in the meanwhile I have made the full river Mersey 21 km as a complete basic route. Basic merged textures, animated water sheet to rise and fall, roaming camera, drivable schooner.

An ideal route pehaps for somebody to work on, but don’t forget some screenshots. (smile).
Usual terms not for commercial use - use at your own risk.

The screenshot below shows the area of the rIver Mersey contained in the 4.9 meg download below.
The inlet top left is were the huge shipyards of Birkenhead developed. Opposite that was the Livepool docks.
Bottom left on the curve is were the large barge docks and locks connected the river Mersey into the Shropshire Union canal at Ellesmere Port. I have built all these previously but deleted a while back. The locks I made were able to lift the sailing-flats to the next level. Using the same system as the rise and fall of the water sheet to simulate wave swell.

Originally the Ellesmere Port docks and locks were connected directly into the sea. Nowadays the Manchester Ship Canal connects into it (if that entrance is stil there as a while since I visited).

P.S. If any of these 11 routes don’t load or have missing textures please post. What I see might be different to what you see (4.9 MB)

Back to the Solway Firth but this time I will turn right along the coastline and islands of Scotland. Decided I won’t remake the docks on the Mersey of 1806 as made them all before over many years. Also for that I need the small coastal steamships. Annan starts it off as that is route 1 solway, available for download on this page. I will have to use the basic paddle steamer to start with. B

Annan starts the series for Scotland, following along the scottish coastline. I reshaped the solway route to fit 5 meg, added 2 very early paddle steamers. Route size about 20 km x 9km route.

Many any of the routes I make might not have harbours as in consecutive order under 5 meg each. Also era pretend age of steam, ships and paddle steamers and I be won’t including sail in this series.
Paddle steamer at mouth of Annan river at wood piers tfgh.
The other is at the stone quays of Annan harbour. wasd
Next contiguous route will probably be ruthwell area, no harbour.

I also must add for each route.
not for commercial use.
Descriptions, dates, etc, might be approx or guesswork.
Use at your own risk.

B (4.8 MB)

Some more details. Solway Firth is starting position and at present on leaving the Solway Firth (border with England and Scorland runs down the middel) the routes follow south in England to River Riible.

I am going to resume these again following the coastline and well as harbours and they will be contiguous, following on from the Ribble.

With Scotland Annan started it off, routes will be contiguous so some routes will just be coastlne or rivers. Also trying the make the scottish routes the age of steamships.

So the next route made I put on two early paddle-steamers…
One I set up as auto key 1. The other is drivable (sailable) tfgh. The routes for Scoland will have s in the download

Regarding a scenario it made iteself as you can always race them, but you might need to alter the timeline or graph to fine tune,
B (4.8 MB)

Remade a smaller version of river Wyre and included a small scenario. Era before the fish docks, etc were built, say early 19th Century. Use the ferry, the single mast sloop to cross the river to Knott End to collect the crewman standing near the end of the jetty.

By making the route smaller up to about 15 km or less I can add more content.
This route just over 4 meg.

B (4.2 MB)

Next will be the full iom, about 32 miles length. all within the 5 meg. The Isle of Man is about 70 miles from Liverpool. If I set the era to about 1815 there won’t be too many quays.