Maritime World of Blender part 4

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Carried over from Maritime world of Blender part 3.
Thanks for visiting part 4. Most of the details are on the previous threads so posts now more for listing available downloads, brief descriptions and relevant news, (subject to keeping domain site),

Link to my site is at side of each post, click (B). Routes will probably change from time to time. Also will give brIef details.

There are 5 routes available at present time (04/03/2019).

01 Isle of Man. Full island 32 miles
02 Annan and Solway Firth
03 Silloth and Solway Firth
04 MaryPort and Solway Firth.
05 Workington, Harrington, Whitehaven. The 3 harbours are in the one route called Workington. Whitehaven is the last and routes will continue onwards after Whitehaven.

If you want me to add small scenarios to the routes just post, otherwise for myself they are not essential.

Also if you wish to make screenshots of any of my routes which might help/interest other ‘posters’ of similar interests please do.

I do not sell routes. I do not sell content. I do not sell textures.

The routes are almost open source as they must not be used for commercial gain.

Finally use any of the routes or content at your own risk as regards possible computer problems such as loss of data or computer lockups. Maybe best to run a virus checker for malware or viruses. All details, dates and descriptions might be approximate and/or some guesswork. Routes are based on satellite data srtm2/hgt. Rivers, sea, estuaries created by lowering terrain. Harbours based on OSM close up base maps then deleted.


The previous part of this post I deleted as no longer relevant.
Further changes to the available routes for download will be posted when applicable . Waste of time making screenshots when the routes are one click away for download. However if you wish to post screenshots of any of my routes, and or discussion you are welcome. Also if you want scenarios included let me know. So up to you !


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If interested in maritime perhaps make your own ships, boats, content of any era with screenshots or make them open source better still as there is a limit to what I can make.

Are their any simlations at all made by others to download?
So far not seen any so it appears not. Would be a change to run routes made by others.


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Time to stop using the drivable ship method I made but will leave them on the first 5 routes.

I will drop the idea of drivable and also move onto the screwdrive steam-ship era.

By usng screwdrive ships I won’t need to try and trace the appearance of the docks of the sailing ship era. I will ignore the container ship docks and deep water docks for huge liners. So era pretend before or up to about 1950. B

(barrymaritime) #4

Roaming camera how do you make it rise/fall over hills/mountains. Better still when set to say 5 to 25 meters not go through mountains/hills (as now).

I am changing to preset ship routes screwdrive, maybe a few basic padddle-steamers. No longer using floating drivable, but will keep static floating rise and fall a meter on water sheet (4 vertices) .

Same problem with screwdrive as not made any yet so they will be basic. Might use drivable for barges on Leeds to Liverpool canal and Shropshire Union, both can be included in the river Mersey route as made about a mile of each a while back but deleted.

Roaming camera set in logic bricks to move wherever` at fixed max height 5 to 25 meters, about right for maritime coastal.

Camera is for free roam not for following ships. See any of the 5 routes online. 5 to 25 meters roaming camera height.

What I am after is ships on preset routes. Also how to stop and restart using keyboard? I can stop and restart easy enough wih timeline. Stop at one quay, move timeline on say 15 minutes then ship moves off the next harbour etc, all preset.

Would like to use upbge but difficult to know what is happening so will stay with 2.79b for now. Also once I decide if my site is staying put maybe start thinking of using the 2.79b launcher from route 6 onward. routes 1 to 5 online now for download.

P.S. discussion welcome (noT critique)

(- Click for resources) #5

You need to attach a script to the camera, shoot a ray from boat to player (in that order), if anything in between, place the camera at ray.hitposition. and restore to position to before afterwards.

Best is to have an empty parented to boat, set empty distance as camera distance(meaning moving the empty moves the camera) set camera position to empty position on every frame.

you can take a look at my resources, my third person movement has such an setup. but you going to need python for this.

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Cotaks thanks for reply.

The idea was a more a luxury for others if they download it, but I don’t think I will get that involved. I thought there might have been an easy answer with the logic bricks.

I fixed the height at 5 meters min and 25m. max., about right if view from sea with no particular ship to follow on preset course. Barry

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I need a change of direction in what I am making. The ports and harbours which I have made in the 5 routes online are fairly accurate with srtm2.hgt for terrain and osm for the base maps, harbour layouts to work over.

Whitehead the last route begins the Cumbria coast with Barrow-in-Furness next which use to be a huge shipyards and docks for large ship building not so long ago.

I mentioned about using a later era with small coastal steam-ships maybe , barges and sailing flats.

However places like Barrow and later Liverpool docks up o 1950 are far too complex to try and make in Blender by apparently the solitary Blender mariner here-myself. (smile)

So instead if turning left out of the Solway Firth I will carry on by turning right along the scottish coast and islands

I will will try keep routes to about 20km or less as then won’t need to use the decimate funtion.

Easier to make and perhaps more interesting for me, if I am to continue.


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The north shore of the Solway Firth is Scotland and the bottom shore England.

So rather than numbering the routes starting with 06s, they will start with 01s, which is the harbour of Annan and includes the rivers at the head of the Solway Firth.

I will keep Annan as it will be starting route of the Scotland sequence of routes. I have removed the other 4 English routes as they have been available for a while. So all will be routes of Scotland, with or without harbours, following in sequence around the coast and islands in approx. 20 km sections.

Availlable routes of Scotland starting from 09/03/2019
Numbers and versions start from 09032019

01s Annan and Solway Firth. ver.01 (09032019)
I will keep to schooners, sailing flats, sloops, and maybe early paddle steamers. Perhaps one drivable small vessel in each route, any others would be static ‘floating’. or preset route.


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Scotland will be more complex with numerous islands. So that idea no longer suitable if 20km routes.

I will sort out the Solway starting point series . About 8 made some textured, etc, some not. I will start to put them back online and include drivable boat in each.

Then in sequence add some and remove some. Best to check my site for updates etc and available routes rather than me continually posting. Will need a lot of routes maing at 20 km. Initially all will be basic, merged plain colours for textures etc. and gradually update later. I will include drivable ship/boat in esch. Terrain and rivers will be the first priority,otherwise will take years making the harbours, etc B

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I have updated some of the 5 routes shown below. All include, I think, drivable sailing-flats and some have drivable schooner.
Route 5 has three seperate harbours.
Dock gates open from keyboard on 2 routes I think.
These five I should be able to leave online.
If I add others I might rotate them in sequence.

01 iom 08022019
02 annan 08022019
03 silloth 11032019
04 Maryport 11032019
05 Workinton, Harrington, Whiitehave.
Most about 20km except Isle of man 32 miles.

I have two choices as route 5 leaves the Solway Firth.
North is Scotland turn right . South is England turn left.
I might try 30-40 km for Scotland. Remove seabed and replace with flat animated water sheet of 4 vertices, then one decimate click removes half the vertices of the terrain. Selected areas can then be subdivided.
If any texures don’t load post, or If you ‘improve’ any perhaps make a screenshot to show myself and others the ‘improvements’. Also perhaps make the ‘improvements’ available for others as open source.

Click B, left of post, for link to my site

Happy Sailing. B

More changeS to come, as will be trying out the Launcher for all routes in the future…if no problems.

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I am changing to the Launcher by Daedalus of Blender Artists. The Launcher will avoid having to download the Blender 2.79 to run the route. I have added the above to the downloads Index page.

I have tested it out, downloaded OK and runs OK on 7 years old desktop computer.

The launcher contains routes, readmes, textures folder for several routes

In future (if I continue after April to renew domain name site contract) there will be uploads of a single blend file with the route and readme . Texture updates if necessary will also be seperate but the current textures folder should last a whlle.

Click B to left of post for site link.


(barrymaritime) #12

Re uploaded and added Barrow-in-Furness making 6 routes.
Downloaded and they seem to run OK.
So will probably leave further uploads for a while. B

(barrymaritime) #13

Better bet would be for me to leave just 2 blend files, 2 readmes, and the single texures folder in the launcher.

Then upload each route with zipped route blend and readme seperate. All you will have to do then is extract or drag the blend file and readme into the BLENDS folder in the Launcher. This then would be a guideline. Current launcher size with the 6 games is 91 megs.

So Blender can be used to run games or simulations on it without having to download Blender!

As regards my position on these forums if there is no feedback there is not much point in uploading further routes !!!.

If just myself posting I can just as easy make routes for myself without my site, or remove routes from my site and have photos of , Liverpool old docks and Mersey shipping and anything relevant to the past ages and bygone time!.

Regarding feedback it is the only way I will know if you are using the launcher OK,and if the routes are loading and running OK. Not much point is spending my time uploading routes etc when I have no idea if they are being used, etc, apart from the many hours making them !!!

My thanks of course to those that have helped and to Daedalus .



(barrymaritime) #14

The following now applies as regards my site.
Site will probably contain downloads.
Also details possibly of the past ages and bygone times.

Regarding the Launcher I am changing back to downloading 2.79b, with a link to download it from my site. That is while it is still available in the archives! If that disappears at some time I will possibly revert back to the Launcher or no longer make routes for download.

My site link is removed from the side of each post.
Perhaps copy the link if you are interested in real life routes relating to the past ages.

I won’t post any further details of available downloads or make any further screenshots on these forums so you will need to check my site if interested (and if I still have it).

No further posts will be made unless to reply to relavent ‘friendly’ discussion or feedback. No replies will be made to critique or to insults.

Any routes to download ( if available) will be seperated each with a sperate texures folder, possibly rotated.


(- Click for resources) #15

if you want to continue but don’t want to pay for webhosting then grab yourself a free one :wink:

(barrymaritime) #16

Cotaks. Thanks for post, not too bothered on price as not very expensive. I am altering my site so will probably keep it running. I think I will limit it to the area I know Mersey and Dee. Real photographic combined with routes historical. Up to others now as detailed !.


(barrymaritime) #17

Owing to some clarifications from the Internet Service Provider I will ‘probably’ put my site details back on-line shortly.

Should anybody then be interested in past ages and maritime most of the details, basic routes, photos will be on it.

I will also put brief details on Blender Artists forum, no screenshots. Possibly 4 routes which would probably change from time to time is enough.

Routes will be made with 2.79b as before as seems permanent as regards downloading it.

Discussion and/or post your own screenshots from these routes if you wish. If interested in including scenarios in routes, post. If ammeding any of the routes perhaps post screenshots and/or make it available for others to download.


(barrymaritime) #18

Made side of posts link to site active. Press B
I will probbaly keep 3 routes on-line at any one time and rotate.

Site is also about past and bygone times blog as well as the routes, so blog or diary type will be included.
Details are on the Index page.

Please refer to the site for available routes. I would think I would change 1 or more routes about each fortnight but no hard and fast rules.


(barrymaritime) #19

will make it 5 online for download (at any one time), then each fortnight or longer will see what to remove add or update. B

(barrymaritime) #20

At present the 5 maritime routes online are as below. Possiby each fortnight or perhaps longer I will decide what to add/remove as routes will be rotated. Travelling south along the coastline of the UK. Routes and water sheet from about 20 km in size. Age of sail, basic to begin with, at least one ‘drivable’ sailing vessel in each route. Scenarios could be added if discussed. All the routes and content must not to be used for commercial use.

21 March 2019
01 Isle of Man. Full island 32 miles
02 Annan and Solway Firth
03 Silloth and Solway Firth
04 MaryPort and Solway Firth.
05 Workington, Harrington, Whitehaven. The 3 harbours are in the one route called Workington.

To keep to a rota routes will probably be updated from time to time. So although consecutive following along the coastline, they might be listed to include the back updates and appear as not consecutive.

Should there be any real life non commercial simulations maritime or non maritime, made with Blender, give a link to the site. The same applies if you want me to consider adding a link to non commercial websites regarding maritime or world past ages. (Carcasson is excellent).