Maritime World of Blender Part 6 - Back to Sailing ships

Easiest to explain with this quote from the completed games/simualtions

My best plan now is to regard the 40 or so downloadable routes as completed as unlikely to make more, following around the coastline, except maybe the up to 50 km size for myself.

However I will now return to the work in progress section and make the various stages of the zip file under 5 meg.

Obviously it is not about critique but about what is possible with 2.79b and making them free and available for others. Any critique of the up to 50km size routes will be totally ignored. At this size it is stretching the boundaries of 2.79b Blender.

Anything I make is not for commecial use, not for sale, and definitely only use at your own risk.

I won’t post further on the completed games/simulations but will probably update the up to 50km size scene of the work in progress section with downloadable 60km routes below 5 meg zip size and about 60 km square maritime route size.

I am starting at the river Ribble again (also see the 40 or so downloadable routes on completed games/simulations)
Routes will be below 5 meg zipped and approx. 60 km square.
Whether I can make any progress at this size and keep within the 5 meg limit be an interesting exercise.

I have got a far as creating the terrain and sea. At the size of 60 km square I have removed the animation of the rise and fall of the water sheet at about a meter to simulate wave swell. As these will take a long time I will make downloads available at the work progresses. I think just one drivable sailing vessel in each route. So version will be terrain with basic merged texture. water sheet at 60km. Enough to show the layout and be usable as a download.


I think up to 50 km might be better with mainly up to 45 km.
upto 60 had to replace seabed, 3 decimate clicks reduce vertices to about one eighth, also limited dissolve on part of terrain.
I think mainly 45 kilometers might be more workable as have made that size previously for a few. So will start at Mersey, Dee with maybe river Dee extended to Chester.

I changed the heading of this page to the river Mersey early 19th Century. This will save being locked in to a set system of decimate clicks and easier to create the river systems. There is enough to write about as regards the new heading and at the same time create various versions including the early Liverpool docks of around 1800. The era is sill the age of sail and the Liverpool sailing-flats (barge with sail) play a big part.

Any critique will obviously be ignored and not replied to, but of course discussion welcome. All my routes for download are below 5 meg. in zip file size.

I might include areas around the Mersey system such as the canal system and rivers that flow into it. Also sections of tidal rise might be included in some of the version as a 30 feet tidal rise.

Finally all simulations are classed as games, unless made for instruction or for professional training purposes ! B

I have done some repair work on the Liverpool dock route and widened the channel between dock gate, etc, for the schooner.
So this is version one of the Mersey and will put it back online today probably.
3 drivable sailing vesslels, sloop wasd, sailing-flat tfgh, schooner ijkl.
Looking along he route first is sloop, 2nd is sailing flat, schooner in the mid

dle about to go though the dock gates and channel.

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Use at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
Not for sale. (3.4 MB)

For the next version I will see if I can add trees and maybe grass or sand textures. Also set up a few preset routes through the docks as before. The first dock created 1715 needs the brick Quays remaking as changed itself to stone blocks.
One drivable vessel is enough and if required (by request) I could add the barrels and cases to collect with drivable vessel.
The limit is below 5 meg download so needs a a bit of planning as I make things.

Unkike an a small game when made, is called completed. Real life simulations (terrain based on satellite date) can never be completed as there will always be content to make, add or alter and repair.

As there is a limit apparently of 5 meg for downloads I will be making a series of downloads as I have to adjust the methods to fit into the limits. This can be done using decimate function and especially instancing which allows the numerous ships and trees to be added.

So that is the method. If you must criticise make your own ideas to a route, explain the method (not tutorial). Also when testing keep a test zip file below 5 meg.
I might be able to use the method or experiment with it, but they must fit into the route and the limits.

I am thnking of uploading version 2 of the Mersey. The alterations might not look much but can take hours to make.
Main adjustment is to make brick texture to Liverpools fisrt dock made 1715. Also grass texture around coastline to help bring out the details. I could have used a sand texture but easiest one or other. After this most dock were made of stone.
Most of my textures are made from the actual Liverpool old dock , except the first dock (1715) filled in now and a huge customs house was sited on it. That also no longer exists and so on.
Actual photo of old docks. Might try that water texture if I crop a section. However I want to keep the water sheet animated as before to simulate wave swell.


Cropped a section from it and swapped se with original.
I will test the zip file size and if it fits maybe upload version 2 of Liverpool old docks and mersey.

PS. I will keep to the original as the close up effects were not as good as the long distance.

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Version 2 has hundreds of trees and as mentioned re-textured Liverpools first dock (1715) made of bricks. The dock is now under a building but they excavated around it and it is open to visitors underground. There is an observation window in the pavement through which it can be seen. Coastlines are for ever changing and thousands of routes could be made with 2.79b, covering dozens of countries.
ba00mersey_version (3.9 MB)

The 3 drivable vessels seen from the 1st dock at the approaches to the docks. B

Might make a third version as I need to remake the wood lift bridge over th first dock and a few other bits and pieces.

2.79b Blender could make an endless variety of simulations/routes all interactive, mining with basic wagons, maritime, road, rail, flight, airports, working windmill and surroundings. Ancient architecture interactive and so on. There are some basic paddle steamers I made with rotating paddle wheels i think in the Silloth route.
Alternatively I might buy the latest version of Virtual sailor as have made routes for it in the past years ago.

The sailing flat is also in Trainz running on invisible track as was adjusted by Trainz forum member for their download station.

Another alternative is rerurn to the ‘finished’ games simulations now I know how to add trees, etc by the hundred and buildings, etc, with the routes below 5 meg for dowload to meet requirements. I think that might be next on the agenda and adjust 40 or more routes as version 2. B (smile).


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I think I will alter the routes as follows. I am unlikely to spend hours’ sailing/driving’ the vessels as it needs more realism to interest me for that, using a profesioal maritime simulator .

so decided it’s is a no go as regards making routes available for others with drivable vessels for others and myself. So will change back to preset routes with timeline operated from keyboard.

So starting from Solway I might use the 40 or so routes already made.

These I will alter to a version 2 as new routes to upload, by removing all drivable from my own computer and changing to preset routes operated from the keyboard for all future uploads. In other words simplify all the routes.

I have made enough routes to take me down to the south coast and will adapt them one at a time. Also as I work through them I will add some objects using instancing.

If I continue I will return to the completed games/animations forum to continue with the routes as detailed.

I think what I have explained will be better as a ‘one man band’ (smile).

I am only using 2.79b as routes are also for the few others outside of these forums who may be interested, so they must work with 2.79.


This post completes the lack of simulations, saga, which should be an essential part of Blender but apparenly almost or totally ignored.

I have made 50 maritime routes betwteen about 10 and 40 km size, all on the completed games forum.
The routes are now all `under 5 meg in size and I have inlcluded numerous sailing ships and hundreds of trees on the last 5.
So far over all the years that I have used Blender I don’t think I have seen a single proper simulation made with Blender.

Even 2.79b has enough functions to create realistic simulations, and UPBGE if it could have been included and intergrated into Blender Game Engine. Simulations can be road, maritime, aviation, railways, mining, undersea, naval, etc and many other. Of course the game element can be intergrated in a simulation but called an interactive scenario. I have included a few in the 50 seperate routes for download.

So if you go to the completed 'games, section it will explain al and there is a link to each one to download on the 2 pages.
Maritime downloads 1 or Maritime downloads 2.

Also I have ceased making further routes for the time being and will reume if there is any sign of any, free interactive, simulations for download on the horizon made with Blender.

Any silly remarks will of course be ignored!

Simulation commercial example.



I was considering UPBGE but I don’t think that will suit me now after visiting the new pages.
So unfortunately I have cancelled this post and replaced it with the details below.

What I might do is concentrate on the docks of c1800 at Liverpool and the river Mersey, as have real photos of part of the old docks.

Upriver is the Ellesmere Port barge complex and the locks. Perhaps also follow the coast around to Conway. If I can create the routes up to 5 meg I might make them available for download. If not it won’t matter.

Hopefully the new commercial ship simulator will be of interest to me, used it in 2006 when it first came out and posted on their forums.


I am going to post only on the work in progress foldder.
The routes will be River Mersey and probably around to Barmouth. B

The Age of Sail

I think this is the best option. I will probably remake some of the routes. Others I will update. Also I might include additional sections of the rivers, etc. I have about 50 routes available for download from the various pages. All routes including textures will be up to or below 5 megs.

As there is little to no interest on these forums for real-life simulations, by limiting the area to what interests me, whether others are interested or not, won’t now really matter.

These will start from the Solway Firth and follow along the coastline to use the routes aleady made . The era now will be the age of sail, maybe about pre 1815. The age of sail goes back thousands of years.

For any additional routes I make I will probbaly start using grey scale height maps to create the terrrain, combined with Blender 2.79. displace function. Grey scale maps are accurate enough for coastlines and rivers as I have used them several times.

If outside the forums you will need to download Blender 2.79b or 2.79 from the archives; required to open the blend files, the routes. You do not need to know how to use Blender

Download zip file, extract or drag route folder from zip file.
Open the route folder which should have - the blend file, which is the route - textures folder - one or more readmes.
Open or double click blend file.
Mouse pointer over window press key P, You may need to left click on window.
or tab, game/start game engine.

Roaming camera home/end/arrow keys
No drivable in this new series.
No scenarios in this new series.
If available preset ships tracks or animations started with a single key from 1 to 9
Esc to leave the routes.

Use at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.
Some of the content, dates, details, descriptions, etc, might be approximate, include guesswork, or pretend.

I have altered the title back to the Maritime World of Blender part 6.There wil be no drivable vessels and no scenarios starting fron this post. These can still be found on various pages with the routes available for download.


Solway Firth. One preset sailing-flat. key 1 to start it,
Begins very slow, Take maybe around 40
Removed as missing texture
Replaced updated version (5.0 MB)

As regards screenshots if you browse through my various pages you will find plenty so I don’t think it necessary to add more at present time. However as the series progresses, working around the coastline some of the routes were very basic, so will probably add screenshots from about route 15 or so onwards depending what changes I make to them.

Annan - key 1 starts 2 vessels passing each other up and down river. Key 2 starts small vessel being launched.
There is a stone quay upriver and wood piers at the mouth of the river that ships used to use and emigrants overseas I think.

B (2.2 MB)

Silloth. Only made a few adjustments to Silloth. The main feature I left on, rescue crewman from sailing flat that has run aground.
It is the sailing flat in the corner drivable tfgh. There is only on drivable. You will need to approach as near as possible until the collision box of vessel touches collision box of crewmam, on part submerged vessel. (4.4 MB)

Maryport. Some of the routes already made may have drivable vessels and no preset routes. These routes I will leave the drivable vessels on.

One drvable schooner ijkl
two seperate docks open dock gates with keys 1 to 3. (4.7 MB)

Workington - Harrington - Whitehaven
3 harbours and docks in one route (4.5 MB)

Roaming camera keys are home/end and arrow keys.
Animations of two preset vessels, starting from Harrington dock moving to Workingon and Whitehaven which are on either side of the route.
These require keys 1, 2,
To find them go to Harrington dock, the middle of the 3 seperate harbours.
Bottom quay.far right vessel in corner uses key one. The vessel behind far right uses key two.
The preset vessels are the ones moored directly against the quayside wall.

the two preset vessels are in the front far right. key 1, key 2.

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Ravenglass : 2 drivable vessels sailing-flat and sloop.
See enclosed readme. wasd, tfgh
Natural drying out harbour. Used since Roman times.
Sailing-flat is near beach tfgh - sloop wasd facing buoy (barrel) (4.3 MB)

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