Master Tigress

I had this model created by a real pro, and she came out truly amazing!

I can’t wait to do more renders of her =^_^=

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Very good modelling!

The character is very close of its original version. Good job.

I’d love to see a breakdown of the scene. What’s real what’s CG here besides her?

I’ve used the Pro Lighting Skies, Grass Essentials and Backdrops from Blender Guru to create the environment:

Make a cooler environment (more chinese looking, including the color scheme) and pose (more accentuated perspective, less curvy leg) and this goes directly to the top row for me. It will probably go there anyway, so, QUICK ! DO IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS !

Can we know who this “real pro” is ?
Did you commission this work ?

I’m more impressed by this than Judy Hopps to be honest.

I’d very much like to create a more Chinese looking environment. I just need some more skill and time to do it.

I can’t share the name of the artist because of the copyright on Tigress, and the artist works in the movie industry; it doesn’t mix too well. And yes, I commissioned her.

I’m happy that you’re more impressed with Tigress, but Tigress was modelled by a professional and Judy by a student, so the comparison isn’t really fair. I actually did ask the artist who made Judy to do Tigress, but he did not have time for it.

Who needs skills when you have the internet ?

For the background, search images for “China nature” or “Japan nature”. You should find something that fits at some point (having a sunrise or sunset would be the best I think)

Also, here are some very good models I could find (all free !) :

Dragon statue :

Baby Po statue :

Lord Shen :

Asian trees :

Chinese house :

Chinese Palace :

Cherry tree flowers :

Red origami-like dragon :

Stone lantern :

Now don’t waste this awesome Tigress model and make some stunning fan art !

Wow, thanks! Going to try and use some of this stuff right away :smiley:

Glad if I help.
There’s alsothis chinese dragon head I find pretty good. The color scheme and material would have to be modified though.

I hope you’re still planning to make some more renders.

For the current pose, I made a side-by-side comparison with the original :

Here’s what I think is most important to improve :

  • The yellow line shows an almost broken leg on the left, while on the right it looks very smooth. A very important principle in cartoon drawing is to have big smooth curves define the general shape, which the animators clearly followed on the right pose. The wrinkles of the pants on the left are not helping either. On the right the pants are all tight.
  • the cyan arrow shows that the trunk is longer on the left. This is due to the camera angle and also my third point. I think it looks better on the right because it adds perspective. The left pose is facing us more which flattens it.
  • the small red lines show that the trunk has some additional length on the pants, which breaks the general curves again (as shown by the purple arrows versus the green arrows) and also gives weird proportions to her body
  • the top foot is curved on the right, which again follows the general flow better (and looks more organic than a perfectly flat foot), so the yellow line is actually broken twice

There may be even more improvements to make on the pose but those are the most important ones in my opinion.
On the material, the pants texture is stretching too much and it looks like a simple noise texture whereas on the right it looks more complex (I don’t even know what it is). Also the fur looks shinier, thinner and more combed on the right.

Now for some backgrounds.
I made some research to find some chinese environments photographs in the public domain so you can use them without worrying about copyrights.
These are the ones I could imagine Tigress being in. Of course not necessarily in the same pose but in all kinds of situations and sometimes just as a silhouette when against the light. I leave it all to your imagination.
Also sometimes we can see some people or modern objects but they can either be hidden by Tigress or photoshopped out.
It’s a Pearltrees gallery (similar to Pinterest) so click on any image to go to the original page where I found it.
Here it is.

I searched on Pixabay but found afterwards that Google’s Image search has dedicated filters for all kinds of licences, but I already spent quite some time searching so if you want to try and find even better ones, be my guest. Here’s an advanced google search example that should give good results.

I started working on this image pretty much right after I received the Tigress model, but I never really got anywhere with it. Finally decided to complete it.

Nice !
She looks dark though.
Also it seems you are not using a hair bsdf because I really don’t see any specularity on her fur.

That’s really a great help. Totally rock!

A hair what now? I don’t even know what a bsdf is :slight_smile:
But yes, she is actually a bit dark :-/

Tomboz Do you use Blender ?
jk, no problem If you fiddle with materials in Cycles, you will see that most shaders have BSDF in their names. It’s just a scary and not very standardized acronym to say that when light rays hit a surface using that shader, they will be transformed in some way (or continue their path unchanged). All the other shaders ignore the light rays hitting their surface.
The hair bsdf is a smart mix of diffuse, anisotropic and translucent to simulate all the microscopic geometry, translucency and reflectivity of real hair.

In the case of your tigress, I’m sure it would be a big improvement to use it.

Great job !!! Congratulations!!!

I was actually stupid enough to ask for less reflection in the fur. The model is actually using hair bsdf.
I’ve re-rendered the image with more reflective fur, is this what you meant?

Well it’s a tiny bit more reflective but it’s just as dark as before overall. Be sure to use filmic so you can crank up the lights without burning those red columns.

Yeah, I didn’t do anything to the light, only the reflectiveness of the fur.

Actually I found out that the project wasn’t using the Filmic for some reason…Strange.

Terrific job master Shifu