Material overwrite

I have multiple models that I have imported from Revit. They all have materials brought in with the same named.
My plan is to work through one model changing the material nodes to a Blender friendly layout. Once this is complete I would import the materials into the other models overwriting the exiting materials to have them all standard, however when I append the materials it creates a new material finishing with .001.
Is there a tick box or something to allow me to overwrite the material data

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If all objects should have the same materials you can select the ones with the incorrect materials and then the one with the correct materialls. Then you linkt the materials with ctrl-l -> materials.

Thanks, I have used that command before when changing a few objects.
Each model has about 20-30 materials in each which are repeated, was thinking of a global overwrite method to save time, I don’t think Blender has a method :frowning:

Hi, take a look at this payed addon. I have not personally tried it as I have not moved over to Blender as my current DCC but it should solve the issue you are having.

Also try the Twinmotion Dynamic Link Revit addon for exporting fbx files correctly.

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there are addon to help for the same name and different extension

check these out

Changing all materials by name at once


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