Material Preview Scene????

I have searched for many hours looking for the blender material preview scene blendfile. I’ve only found amazing materials from amazing artists, but I never found the sample scene they used to display their materials

I’m looking for this scene:

Can someone PLEASE post a direct link to the blendfile that contains this ball-shaped thing in it (I just need the scene, it doesn’t matter what material it’s using) I see that everyone is using it to test materials, but no one has it to download. (>_<)

I This scene should really be on blender’s official site, or somehow accessible from blender itself.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if this file is a mere figment of our collective imaginations, and that it only exists in the form of 2d rendered images :lol


You’re a life saver, I saw posts from that user before in my searches, but they were just discussing the material preview file, that thread didn’t show up :confused:

Much appreciated, thank you :smiley:

Mind you, though, that this file is from 2009. Adapting that to 2014 Cycles might need some time and effort…:wink:

I found out there is a cycles version.

People have been using it for awhile, but all the links are dead now.
That link is dead, as well as the others that would lead to the cycles version.

I have a copy of the bmps for cycles… glad to share :wink:

Wait I found the location of the Cycles version:

I never would have found it without your help :slight_smile:
The author abbreviated “Blender Material Preview Scene” to “B.M.P.S” after searching that I eventually found it through a link from a Blendswap upload:

That was fun, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

edit: the user above this post just found it as I was posting this message LOL

Thank you, you just ninja’ed me by two minutes (after I found it the hard way) LOL.

Thanks the one you linked me to is better than the one I tracked down. Much appreciated :slight_smile: