Maxime Residence / visualization Blender - Octane for Blender


(janmorek) #21

I used from 1500 - 10000 samples, it depends on the scene.


For what it’s worth, I agree that perfectly cut grass looks boring and sterile. A lot of the nicer homes we work with in real life are often bursting at the seams with plants because people like the forest/cottage/rural feeling in their backyard, especially when they’re in the middle of the city.

(boblybill) #23

He is the creator of Grasswald… lol. You be talkin to the man who made it. Hehe

(Ludovic_L) #24

Hello. Really awesome renders you have done there Sir. Could you please share with what octane version you did this and method you used please?

(janmorek) #25

I did not recognize logo :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

(Julius Harling) #26

Haha thanks :stuck_out_tongue: Yap, after spending soo much time with each of them, I’ll recognize my little children EVERYWHERE :blush:

(ibotpl) #27

Great work! The results are looking photo realistic.

One question: Was there any particular reason to use Octane instead Cycles?

(Kevin Johnson) #28

Currently trying to learn arch viz. Not Much out there. Rendering my first project rn, will post soon. If you have any tips on how to learn, please let me know. Your project is otherworldly.

(GarageFarm.NET) #29

soon they will really spread everywhere
that’s the nature of plants - even the CG plants - they just rapidly grow…
nature always finds a way ! :wink:

(janmorek) #30

There are a lot of similarities between Cycles and Octane - GPU rendering, a similar system for creating materials, similar lighting process and so on.
The main differences from my point of view are the following :

  1. Octane is not for free, the price is around 600 USD
  2. Cycles is better integrated into the Blender
  3. Octane has some annoying bugs (but developers are working on improvements)
  4. Octane is at least 2 times slower in case of loading scene into the GPU memory (it means slower workflow because you have to wait for rerendering longer) However in the new version Octane 4 it should be changed and Octane should be much faster in building scenes)
  5. Octane doesn´t have a denoiser, yet, but in Version 4 it will
  6. Octane can produce more photorealistic results than Cycles (my opinion) It was the main reason why I have started using it.
  7. Octane is faster for the exterior rendering, maybe 2 times

I will update the answer if I recall another things

I think that isn´t possible to achieve the same result in Cycles, but is possible to achieve the similar result, how similar it will be I don´t know :smiley:

If you have more questions, feel free to ask, have a nice day :slight_smile:

(janmorek) #31

Are you interested more in interior or exterior visualizations, or generally all of it?

(usernew) #32

Your little children are spreading their roots everywhere. I would like them in my garden but don’t have enough money now :slight_smile:

(usernew) #33

That makes sense. But whoever owns that house should do some maintenance. There could be Anaconda in those bushes. Lol. Anyway, really nice work.

(parel) #34

Glad you posted the real world photo reference- Just goes to show that our perception doesn’t always line up to reality. Thanks for sharing the results. Great job.

(Kevin Johnson) #35

All of it, I use cycles rendering. I posted my latest project recently

(Kirankassyap) #36

Woow! Sooper great work…Even the farthest tree a model…Bloody impressive…

(Jason Abrasaldo Bohol) #37

Gosh! Its awesome @janmorek ! The serenity looks so peaceful. I love it bro :open_mouth:. I’m just new to this stuff and I recently downloaded this app. I hope I could maximize and utilize it the way you do. :earth_asia: from Philppines.:philippines:

(janmorek) #38

I used version 14,0 Octane for Blender and I dont know -what exactly do you mean by method?

(Ludovic_L) #39

Thanks for the reply. So you use octane as an addon. By method I was saying direct lighting or PMC or Path tracing?

(R.A.M.S) #40

wow you got it spot on