MB-Lab Release for Blender 2.80

Is there any add-on for MB-LAB 1.7.1 to motion capture with kinect V1

MB-Lab does not support Kinect, there is no plans for it either. Sorry.

I did a search and found this though - https://github.com/moraell/KinectMocap4Blender

That skin looks awesome, the best yet… Can I see the node setup? bump nodes in particular

Hey flaw,

My skin material is a pretty big system, too much to cover as a side note here in someone elses thread…

On the up side, I am in the process of writing a udemy course that will show you how to make a character from the ground up, including all the skin stuff I do.

Wouldn’t be holding your breath though, writing and recording this sort of thing takes months to push through.


mb lab is no working in 2.8 release candidate
install the addon does sen any error message, the folder in roaming blender foundation is created, but you can not enable the addon

It is a common issue with the releases from Github.

You need to rename the folder from MB-Lab-1.7.4 to MB-Lab-1_7_4 or something similar.

You need to get rid of the periods in the folder name (1.7.4). Blender assumes that it is a file extension of some kind and gets confused.

MB-Lab 1.7.5 will be released tomorrow morning with a different filename when you are downloading it from Github, so this SHOULD help with the installation issues people have.

It will be named as MB-Lab-1_7_5 instead of what I have been releasing them as. I will also be deleting the old releases, since some of them have been buggy. In my eyes the versions from 1.7.0 (when it first was ported over to Blender 2.80) have been beta versions, we have been building up to this next release, after all this is what it is all about right?



Has Manuel ever tried to contact you?
Do you know if he is still alive??

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No he has not contacted us. I would assume he is alive and well though, I would hope.

Fellow Blender users, MB-Lab enthusiasts and more!

MB-Lab 1.7.5 is released!

This is supposed to be the “stable” build of MB-Lab and Blender 2.80 RC1 and above, this is the version we have been building up to since version 1.6.5, the last version for Blender 2.79.
Remember Blender 2.80 has been in Beta status for some time, it has only recently come out of that and MB-Lab has been worked on to work with it since version 1.7.0, sometimes with buggy releases of it’s own but over the past couple of months have really tried hard to squash the most serious bugs that have popped up. In our eyes from version 1.7.0 to 1.7.4 have been developmental versions, as some of you may recall there have been MANY bugs in MB-Lab over the past 6 months, some of them quite serious.

Version 1.7.5 has been in development for 3 months and has been heavily tested to make sure that things work. The outstanding issues still present are not serious enough to hold off on releasing this.

New Features this release :

GUI change. Now there are icons EVERYWHERE!

This is one of the most striking changes between previous versions and this one, the GUI has been worked on quite a bit.

Tongue Shader

For some reason it took forever to realize the tongue changed color with changes to skin complexion so this shader was created


Improved Iris and Eye Shaders

This was a late addition to the release but it is an improved version of the iris, which the first version looked awful, so this one was a nice surprise.

Face Rig Updates

The face rig has not gotten touched since it’s introduction, the developer Amir has done quite a bit to it and now includes a FACS rig as well

BVH Bone Config

With this feature, you’ll be able to tweak XYZ bone rotations, store in a file for a specific BVH Animation ( or more depending on the adjustments ) and then simply load this file whenever you want to reuse that BVH animation and the tweaked bones will self-adjust.


Documentation Updates

The documentation has been updated for this release specifically with new imagery to replace the old Blender 2.79 images.


Updates -


Added icons and modified GUI
Tongue shader added
Improved Iris and Eyeball shaders
Save/Load BVH Bone Config


Changed descriptions for male and female elf and dwarf characters
Changed Blender minimum version to 2.80.74
Removed Buggy message from Muscle checkbox because the Blender bug has been fixed
Documentation updates
Changed characters_config.json for tongue shader
Rebuilt humanoid_library.blend file for Blender 2.80.74
Reduced SSS value for EEVEE in human skin shader
Edited bump maps
Changed "Body Measures" in "Body Measures" to "Measurements" to fix confusion
Eyes UV remapped

Bug Fixes

Fixed API change 'bpy.context.scene.update()' to 'bpy.context.view_layer.update()' in animationengine.py fixing BVH import bug
Gloss fix for EEVEE in human skin shader
Muscle FK and IK, Skeleton FK and IK roll fixes for various bones in armatures
Registration bug that caused errors during unregistering classes
Fix 'Bones rot. offset' in after-creation tools
Fixed Skin complexion function related to SSS
Toes_R connected bug fixed
SSS scale fixed in Teeth shader

To download you can go to the repository here -


Right! I’m concerned that he may have fallen into some
deeply disturbing depressive spiral.
Else, he should have been giving signs of life by now! :cold_face:

I hope he knows just how valued and brilliant a person he is…

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hi, you guys are doing an awesome job.
Here’s my concept:
If you were to write a script, like an empty addons updater, there might be a chance to put it in Blender.
The way it would work would be the “Installer script” would let people automatically install mh. No overheads for Blender file size. sub scripts could also be added.
Just a thought. Now we have blenderkit, the door may be opened for this type of approach.
let me know what you think.


Hello, I wanted to know how to correctly bake the ik and muscle rig to the anime characters
thank you in advance

Is there Blink eyes expression in face expression keyframe?

@Amirhameed_Amirjalal Unfortunately there is no way to do that with the current code and rigs, I do not know why Manuel never did this for the anime models but they are currently only FK. I am sorry. Hopefully in the future this will change but right now it’s not possible.

@loveordie There is no out of box option for blink itself but there is expressions for eyes closed, left or right. They are in the Body Measurements panel under Expressions. Once you finalize these are then added to the Shape Keys panel in Blender.

@Meta-Androcto I don’t think it will happen, MB-Lab is too specialized function wise.

Been away for a bit, had to take a break from the project to focus on real world priorities and events. Plus been working on something…


Thank you, I get it

I know it might sound like a strange request but could it be possible to implement an alternate version of the anime templates (male and female) that would not not have any eyes or mouth holes?
(essentially for 2d texture/sprite based facial animation).
Of course if that is not too difficult to do.

I may regret this I don’t know but here goes…

I made a Patreon account that will focus on future development updates in the form of short (or long) blog style posts, with WIP images not seen on social media or the Github repository. Over the course of time working on this project I have amassed quite a collection of images, renders and screenshots that are never seen by the public because I use them for internal review, my own critique I guess.

So I am offering these plus explanations about them on Patreon.

I said I wasn’t gonna do it but I guess I caved to pressure after several requests for it. I feel terrified and not sure the outcome of this…


Unfortunately until we figure out how to write new JSON morph data the ability to add new mesh to the project is not possible. This is a highly requested subject for MB-Lab and the people helping develop this addon hear you guys, problem is that Manuel did not document his code at all so the breadcrumbs are sparse, he also must have used tools not available to us in regard to reading and writing the JSON database.

We at least know more now than we did at the start of this project but we are still a ways off.

The above is some of the JSON morph files, one of our users was able to extract that data back into Blender (but of course I don’t have the code he has not been online much since)…

So we are working on this it just might be some time before anything happens. Still looking for a solid development team for this project, especially for something like this.


B-but WHERE IS Manuel !? :cold_face:

Did he erase himself from the face of this Earth??

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