Mecha David and Beetle Goliath

EDIT: I have re-rendered this. I was reviewing it for adding the tags for the end of the year challenge, and there was something wrong with the colour, and a lot of other things. So here it is. A brand new render, yet all contained in 2022 :wink: I like it much better, the colors finally pop I think, and this mist starts slowly looking interesting.
Look, the guy below looks like the sick cousin of the one on top, doesn’t it?

Hi all,
a quick piece, I am trying to produce things almost daily, just like our Beeple master has taught us you need to do (for 10 years…).

The coral is a CC0 asset from sketchfab which I reshaded with procedural stuff. The ground is also a procedural shader for displacement. The little guy is the knight from this post
The beetle is made by flioink and is tagged CC-BY on sketchfab. Very high quality asset, but I reshaded it too so it matches the coral thingy. I finally looked at videos from Rory Lewis to understand how to do backgrounds for protraits and composed one in Topaz Studio.
The rest of the work was trying to get these bloody god rays to work nicely. I added several subdivided planes with holes in them, and that worked in the end.
Detail of the coral material

Early render without the beetle

The quite simplistic scene


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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