Medieval fantasy RPG

It has always been a dream of mine (As im sure it has for a lot of us) to build a solid RPG. Over the past few days Ive been working on a few models in the fantasy medieval genre. I will continue to build game models fit for a fantasy-medieval RPG, rig them, and create basic animations (Walk cycles, attacks, etc.)

If there are any programmers out there that are interested in working on an educational-based project for a roleplay game let me know!

I would prefer to do most of the artwork myself, but I welcome anybody that is inspired to join the team. Current interests include, but are not limited to:
-concept artist
-environment modeler (Houses, trees, ruins, etc.)

Let me know if you are interested.

–The team–
blubernuget: 3d modeling, rigging, animating, directing
GAGgc: Concept Art
salba4:environmental modeling
zbryanz: 3d modeling
Altalic77: 3d modeling
CHEATSman115: Storyboard
drfrev: Programming


I really wanted to do this idea as well. Those models are a bit too low poly for this kind of game. I mean BGE will run better, but I think we should model for a little higher.

It’s all about optimizing the BGE.

Do you have any interest in joining the team? What are your strong-points in game making?
If you’re not talking out your ass, then help me ‘optimize’ the game so I can use higher poly models and still get a fps of at least 30. Not every RPG has to look as sexy as oblivion, or meet the graphics standards of xbox 360. A game like that would take years to complete, and I do not plan on putting years of effort into this particular project.

For those interested, I plan to have a daunting, dark feeling to the game.

As of a storyline, I’m thinking it will be somewhere along the lines of a generic epic. The people’s land is in danger due to an unknown dark horde that is invading the area. You are a veteran hero accompanied by his trusty dragon-horse steed. As the local residential hero, the people, and king, rely on you to save the kingdom.

I would like for the game to be pretty open. A somewhat large-scale world where you can adventure and quest, much like Cyrodiil of oblivion but on a smaller scale. The character will probably not be customization on natural features like hair and build, but there will be many armor types (Which will be seperated by body part, rather than armor sets as one object), a vast collection of epic weapons and random loot, etc.

I am not a programmer at all sadly, so I am eager to find an experienced programmer that is able to code the following:
-Inventory and paper doll chart Like this or similar
-A health system
-A simple combat system based on slashes,shield blocks, and dodges
-AI for enemies
-AI for neutral npcs (Quest Givers, Roaming villagers, etc)
-Looting abilities (Picking up useful items)

I’m aware that building a world by myself is a big task, so I would be really excited if anyone was interested in doing environmental work. I would need them to be able to do the following:
-Model structures like houses, walls, Inns, guard towers.
-Model natural environments like trees, foliage, ponds

Sound effects and music are also a large team player in the immersion of a video game! I have a friend who is in school for music composition, so he will be able to write the theme and combat music. But sound effects are extremely important as well. If you are interested, we would need you to work on an assortment of sound effects including footsteps, combat sounds (impact hits, manly groaning noises for when injured or attacking), NPC greetings like “Hello there” (Most of the conversation will be done in text), and ambient natural sounds like wind, crashing trees, and birds.

Something that everybody underestimates is a good plot. It’s not as fun to run around slashing monstrous enemies when you are not immersed in the game! If you have a big imagination, and you are good with coming up with stories and plots then let me know! I would love to see what ideas you come up with.

I can animate, but it would be great if you can too! There will be many monsters, animals, and people that will need animating, whether it be walk cycles or epic combat moves. If you are an experienced animator, I have work for you.

I do modeling, renders, rigging, simple animation, and texturing. However your attitude has turned me off for this project. So goodluck

My attitude turned you off? I was simply stating that if you really knew how to optimize BGE to be able to run faster with better graphics, then I would be happy to have you on the team. “If you’re not talking out your ass” was a way to say ‘If you actually know what your talking about’.
I apologize if the word ‘ass’ offends you.

I began working on houses for the first town today. Heres two.

98 verts each, textured, normal mapped

Some new screenshots:
Added outside objects such as barrels, benches, signs. Some untextured.

No one is interested in joining the team? Sad face

Not even any criticism? Maybe I titled the thread too plainly…

Well things seem to be progressing nicely. A couple of things … I’d suggest reworking the dragon it has a kind of grey hound/snake/dragon thing going on. While plot means a great deal to a story the art allows for easier immersion. Also if you’re not going to use the BGE to handle lighting and shading, I’d suggest working on your models contrast by hinting at some general ambient occulsion (Final Fantasy from 8-12 painted they’re models with shadowing rather than have a GE calculate it.) If you look at my profile pic you’ll see I struggle with getting strong contrast in my models as well.

good luck and keep trucking.

i am would be interested to work on concept art :smiley:

@jessegp: Thanks for the comment! I will probubly rework the dragon some, but he is a dragon horse so he isnt supposed to be a large creature. But your right, he does look kind of akward. I’m actually using GLSL for the game engine so Im using that for lighting. Most of the screenshots above don’t show much shadow due to the use of a hemi light. I do struggle with organic models, such as humans, animals, etc. But that’s why I want to do them. I need the practice!

@GAGgc:Great! Welcome to the team then. Concept on monsters would be awesome.

Just finished a well.
250 verts, textured, normal maps

Hey this looks really cool! I would like to join… I can do a bit of modeling and texturing and animating. Not sure if I am needed though…

The team is open to anyone who wants to join! But I will say in advanced that if something does not meet standards for the game, I will not use it. So Don’t let me down! :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great if you could do some trees, rocks, foliage, etc. Nature things.

I’ll add you to the team!

Thanks! Should I just post them on this thread, or pm them to you?

alright i finished my first consept of a monster, ill be working on more but just to sed if i got the right style, comment back.

Comments are welcom. If you don’t like the picture just say so. :smiley:
Oh and a few more questions, does this project us GLSL? and is it in blender 2.5?

@GAGgc: Wow, that’s some quality concept art! It looks great. That’s about the style i was going for too. Keep it up

I finished a tree… I’m kinda cringing a the poly count (268) but I couldn’t really make it look good and reduce it at the same time.

forgot to pack images >___< …

The tree looks great! But could you possibly do me a favor and make the leaves a bit more green and vibrant?

EDIT: Actually I just tested the trees on the scene, The color looks great! No need to change it. If you have time, tall grass and bushes would be highly appreciated!