Medieval fantasy RPG

Ok I also added a few random rocks.

Here is another update. Added grass texture, trees, and the well.

wow that looks great. The graphics of this game are really good. The character needs some clothes and the dragon need some editing. but so far, nice work. :smiley:

Nice! I know that in Krum there is a system where an object is only added when it is a certain distance from the player. If we use this as well, we can use a lot more detail in scenery objects. Also, anything else you want me to model?

@GAGgc: Thanks for the encouraging comments! The character does not have clothes yet because as most rpgs these days, u have the ability to be wearing nothing. I will make clothes soon. There will be many sets of armor and casual clothes, along with weapons and maybe magical artifacts. In fact, if you could do some concept art for armor that would be great!

salba4:That system of called a Level of Detail system, or LOD. I would really like to have it as well but we would need a programmer for that. One of the reasons I am really emphasizing on getting a programmer is because we absolutely need one. I am NOT a programmer:/
On that note, I saw one of your threads with what seemed to be a pretty impressive zombie type humanoid. Are you good at modeling characters? If so, that would be awesome. We also still need natural enivronmental things, like bishes, tall grass and flowers(foliage), and many other buildings.

I’m not great at modeling characters… That model was one I downloaded and edited. I could help with some of the monsters or something if it’s needed. I’ll start making some more foliage.

What’s a medieval RPG without an axe.
it has 202 verticies.

Axe.blend (420 KB)

I am also working on a two handed axe if you want. Just ask if you want any other weapons or anything modeled

The one below here is the wrong one it is the one higher up sorry I didn’t know how to get rid of it


Axe.blend (404 KB)

blubernuget:I will get started on the armor very soon, but first i need to get an idea of the armor style i should go for.

zbryanz:I like the ax. its really cool and realistic.

Just a random passer-by… and after reading the first two pages just had to say…

…the concept art, models, and game idea is looking pretty cool so far!

thanks GAGgc

@salba4: Sounds good, thanks man!

@zbryanz: The axe looks great! I’ll be sure to use it in game. Are you interested in joining the team? A 2 handed axe sounds awesome.

GAGgc: Here are a few references of what I want the armor to generally look like. Nothing crazy and out of hand. I want it to be pretty realistic looking with a fantasy twist.

This one is awesome

And eventually we will have an epic suit of armor that you get later in the game thats overly decorated and awesome… like this!

@notyourbuddy: I’m honored to have your first post in my thread! :smiley: Thanks for the kind comments. Welcome to the blender artist forums! I’m from the Washington DC area too.

yea joining the team sounds great.

Great, I’ll add you to the team list. What kind of work would u prefer doing? Characters, environment, items?

I am not a fan of modeling characters and I cannot texture them either but other than that I can really do a lot of other stuff so items/enviroment.

Yea sorry this one didn’t turn out so good. The texture was shiny so it made it look odd. Yea sorry and at that point I kind of gave up and didn’t finish texturing it all. But if you can find someone else that will texture it for you then go ahead.
it has 596 veritces.

Two-HandedAxe.blend (506 KB)

Are you kidding? That axe looks brutal:D You need to pack your textures on both of the axes you made though. Otherwise I only have the model.

Whoa! That second axe looks very impresive! Nice work.

oh um um um how do I pack the textures. And I think it is too shiny cuz I can see the character going in a dark cave and then he still has his shiny axe. Thats what I dont like about it. But thanks :slight_smile:

File -> External Data - > Pack into .blend file -> Save Blender file

Yeah, what Wouter said. And don’t worry about it. If the shininess becomes an issue than i’ll fix it later on.

Heres some updated screenshots: