Medieval fantasy RPG

Nice! Do you have any of the gameplay working yet?

oh ok thanks and WOW blubernugget that looks nice

Ok I added a bridge and a weed and packed a rock texture. Not sure if they are really needed though… Anything else you want me to model?

Here are the 2 axes with textures.

First one= Axe.blend (473 KB)

Second one= Two-HandedAxe.blend (440 KB)

Hope this works. If you need anything else just ask.

Here is some simple shelves for potions that would probably be in some sort of magic shop.

Potions.blend (1.32 MB)

Lol again same problem it is the top download not the one below


Potions.blend (1.31 MB)

And here is another model. Here’s a shield. It is more of a rusty, crappy beginners shield. Like one of the ones that someone would start out with in the beginning of a game.
it is 722 vertices (sorry kind of high poly).

Shield.blend (519 KB)

LOL guess what?? I made yet again ANOTHER model. Same as the shield a sort of beginners weapon for when you start the game.
Mostly low poly with 239 vertices.

Dagger.blend (404 KB)

oh and nice work on the enviroment salba4 it looks great.

And blubernugget, your town scene looks great but I think that the floor looks a little obvious that it is tiled and maybe you should use a different texture for the floor like this

or this

I think that its a little less obvious but idk. Lol sorry if I am posting to much.

Wow! You guys have really been working hard:D Everything looks great, honestly. Thanks for all of the kind comments and replies. If I havnt added your name to the team, I’ll be doing so now. If I miss you, let me know!

There is absolutely no game play so far. As I have said before, I’m not a programmer! I’ll start animating soon, once I get the starter town area a bit more detailed.

For all of those programmers looking at this thread… WE NEED YOUR HELP!

@zbryanz: I love the dedication! I was thinking the same thing about the stone ground. I’ll see if I can get it looking better. I’ll probubly use one of the textures you uploaded!

lol we have TONS of modelers

Yes, yes we do. lol

yea well I wish I could help with programming. I have been trying to learn for about the past week now and its hard stuff.

Hey zbryanz, it seems that most of your files still don’t have packed textures! The one with the potions did, but the rest do not. Are you sure you’ve been packing them?

Oh um yea I thought so I did exactly as wouter said.

Odd. Are you sure? Try uploading your file on the web and then downloading it yourself. If the file comes back with no texture then you must be doing something wrong. Are you using the latest version of blender? That could also be a factor. Im working on blender 2.5

Yea I am using 2.5 but ok I will try it tomorow it’s mid night here

I’m not a programmer (Need to start learning that), but I am willing to hand over some sound effects. I have plently, and a lot of free time on my hands.

Don’t forget to SAVE after you packed the external data.

What exactly is it being programmed in? BGE/python or something else?