Medieval teaser

Hello to all
I’ve made a little medieval “level” to the nice BZoo Network Gaming
project ( )
I don’t know if it’s “integrated” or if it’ll be, but it’s “there”…
More or less WIP:


0_o. Thats AMAZING!! Thats just the exact kind of art I’m looking for in my game. I bow to you. This is great.

Great work!
Very nice mood :smiley:

Nice! I love that you did a panoramic shot, it gives the thing a whole better depth. You sure chose/made the right skybox for your design. Very nice work.

One question though, why are the houses on a large brick base? Nothing wrong with it if you have a reason, just wanting to know.

Hello again
and thank you for the kind comments
It’s true that those houses isolated like that look a bit weird?!
For the moment I can’t add too many poly’s until I know if the “network” can
handle them.
But it’s a “true” medieval house, located not far from where I live.
It’s not a brick base, it’s a rock one with some kind of “big sand mortar”?!
But I “forgot” to add a window ( too lazy :slight_smile: ) in the base.

Bzoo is awesome and so is your castle! Now imagine how it would be making a cooperative multiplayer game with that scenery. Would be really fun!

That’s totally sweet!!!

Nice looking castle! Looks like a low poly count, right? Keep it up!

Great stuff! Glad to see a LP modeling god like you look into bzoo :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s low poly…I guess?!
Probably as many as a single character from halo3, around 10 000.

In what way is this a teaser…?

pretty cool… im a fan of Bzoo myself… id like to see some levels like that built into bzoo (im working on some furniture for the creator of Bzoo just to let u no :D)

Amazing :slight_smile:
can you create big city as background behind those walls ? :slight_smile:

Nice stuff OTO, the skybox is awesome. Just wondering if you used vertex painting to light this or light mapping instead?

Its got that old BGE lighting look to it (especially on the big cylindrical parts) that I do think needs to be there now we have light mapping.

Can I see a flat shaded view as well, I think they are issues with smoothing groups as well.

Hi again
well it’s maybe a teaser, because I’m not sure if this will be integrated in the “standard” BZoo level?!
There’s a little village inside the castle, with an habitant…barely dressed, because this is a tropical medieval castle!
Please, keep in mind that it’s fast made with only a few textures fast applied.
I’ve used Radiosity to light the map.
Some more screenshots:


Nice work OTO…
Here are some crits… hope you’re ready!
The lighting looks pretty good so far. There could be a bit more contrast.
The castle’s brick texture is kind of smooth. You may want to try to find one with a bit more variation.
The ground texture in the first image repeats a lot.
The architectural models look excellent.

Human model looks good…maybe the head shape is slightly wrong? Not sure.
A crit about the bikini armor though. It is certainly pleasant to look at (depending on your gender of course) but I’d vote to take it out. The reason: it’s completely illogical. Yes, it’s sexy, but armor is supposed to protect, not be suggestive. Here, try this challenge: see if you can make armor that still makes her look attractive, but is also functional. We don’t want her to get stabbed through the chest, do we?

Nice start, though…I look forward to the game!

Dumbfounded. I say it’s amazing. I like the cathedral a lot. I need to start looking at radiosity. Very good. Keep it goin.

Dear Plant
it’s a castle in some tropical location, Nassau I guess?!
So, the natives have to find a compromise between body protection and
heat escape!

Thank you for all the comments…
I’m waiting for network tests to fine tune the “thing”.
My main intention its to make people aware of the BZoo project!

Yah, nice sky, it looks sort of almost volumetric…nice work…


Waou … As usual it is stunning !!
Just deeply amazing !!

OTO in action !!

It’s undoubtedly going to become a masterpiece in the forthcoming BZoo demo world.

I was a bit busy with the communication around BZoo but now I’m going to focus on this DemoWorld (which will be extensible) and integrating this scene is clearly the priority number one !!

GREAT WORK OTO … it’s an honor for BZoo that LPM killer like you contributes.

THANK YOU very very very much !!