Mercedes-Benz W124 300D X 1992

Final renders for this model. [

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Nice photography ;)… how long did you modeling car?

I have no idea :smiley:

Awesome! The model and shading are flawless imho.

Incredible. - I think you took photorealism all the way; it can hardly go any further. - The thing I really love is the old german license plate. ^^

So nice, it’s really a portrait of the car, not just another car model. And your snap shots are very well composed to bring it to life.

So all of the renders are Cycles? Amazing realism, one of the few renders that I couldn’t tell is CG. That must took some serious time to finish. Congrats!

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:


Nice model and renders

That’s insane, how could you edit such a model in Blender?
Tell the truth, what program is it?

Dude! This so the definition of patience…! That model is amazing.

Absolutely incredible!
Quick question:
Are those seatbelts anisotropic?

Well done! Very realistic!

Top notch work, I think this is the best car render that I have seen on Blenderartist. Absolutely five star work.

Extraordinary quality and realism. Great work.


Only glossy mixed with diffuse.

A realistic work with amazing detail. This work made me more confident in learning Blender more and more.
Your work inspires me to not lazy in learning blender.
Thank you Bro

Very well done! Congratulation!

Wow, the car looks so realistic! The detail is so amazing too. Great job.