Merge Vertices at First and Last

There is no options in 2.82. What happening, any body knows?

It’s still there, see attached image.

There does seem to be missing icons in 2.82 though (just updated) so i will probably stick with 2.81 until it is fixed.
Edit: actually it seems that simply changing the theme fixes it.

Yes, I opened a new file and it’s here, but in my scene I see only 4 options: At Center, At Cursor, Collapse, By Distance.

It seems in 2.82 here that if you select 2 verts you get the other options… alot and you get the fewer.

I think this is a bug. In another scene, I am doing the same thing, and options are present.

This is discussed here.

You need to have actively selected a point outside of selection modals or Blender doesn’t know what the 'first and ‘last’ are because everything was selected at once.
Make your selection and click the point you want to be seen as the ‘last’, or make it before the selection to designate a first.

IMO the circle brush should include the data of “first/last”, since it is very sequential in operation, and other apps seem to be able to figure it out. If it’s ambiguous, take a stab at it*.

BUT EVEN MORE, the options should be ghosted rather than vanished. There’s no good reason to completely hide them, the dialog isn’t crowded, and it causes confusion and contributes to Blender’s over-arching “non-discoverability”, which is one of the reasons people find it difficult to learn.

*where not clearly sequential in selection, use the lowest/highest point index as a guide.