Mermaid [Upd. 09-09-04 bottom p. 1]

Ow… so long since my last Blender project :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, there is some nudity…


Of course model is still in two halves, and she must be given some more plastic pose, but it is a start.


Your female characters are always so nice to look at. Very original and artistic.

This one is no different. Exceptional work Stefano.


What I’ve noticed is, that her forehead is quite big and her legs are pretty long.

Beautiful, really well done. Can’t wait to see her posed.
Once again, well done.

beautiful. and stylish. i like.

jim ww

Wow, jaw dropping stuff s68 very stylistic love her hair{ i hear the mermaid call…) are you going to animate her? that would be awesome 8)

very nice and stylized (love that hair)
only thing I’m not personally liking are the hands and tail fin, they feel to short and stubby to me (the hands espically, make them have that same long flowing feel) 8)

nice. great form to this. I love the angles and the scrolls.

it doesn’t look natural… somthing about the tail I geuss… to stiff… but it’s only the begining so…

Great, as always. :slight_smile:
Beware that the forearms are IMO too stright, usually they slightly bend inside.


cool, but I feel sorry for her… She always have to pee on her self… :smiley:
Great creature maybe you could make the lower part of her vin/flipper/legs/whatever a little more round…

like a sculpture!


Look really cool. Nice style, too!

I like the human part of your mermaid, but IMO her fish tail is too cube like. Needs to be little rounder.

Thanx BgDM, mr_bomb, jimww, Modron, basse and Giangmatrix :slight_smile:

Snape Mermaids have wide foreheads :wink: And I like looong legs :stuck_out_tongue:

friedbrian Mmm… no, I don’t think I’ll animate here, sorry…

rogerm3d You are right on hands, I’ve elongated them, for the fin… now that it is posed it is probably better?

@ner, joostbouwer, Hippie Yup, tail was stiff… what do you think now?

env Forearms too are posed now… any better?

Oh, yes, updates:
Close up (very bad camera angle BTW)

You might guess that tail is to be UV mapped… anyone knows a nice fish-skin texture site?


Awesome unwrap on the tail S68! The pose seems to be a little stiff, but nice as well.

As for the fish texture, you may want to try and take a look through the nature textures there.

Might be fun to paint your own though too. :wink:


Tail looks much better when it’s posed. Good luck with the texturing. you might be able to find some textures here. the pics are of fair qulity though not exactly gigantic. some are larger than others.

i agree about the pose, it is a little stiff, but the details are great. i really like the little fins. you have some great lines to work with, especially the stylized hair, they make excellent cartoon action lines! maybe a little more emphasis on the motion curve, and use the head as a directional indicator? and a little variation in the hands would be more expressive.

or, you could move her shoulders back to emphasize the pushing motion of the body, and drop the arms down? i can’t explain it well with words, so here is a sketch…

the left image would be a minor improvement to your pose, the one on the right is the pose i am visualizing.

anyways, she is looking great! keep us updated!

jim ww

I agree with jimww. Very good work, btw: what about the usual wireframe?