(Ivo Schoenmakers) #105

I try both ways of instal (zip and unzip in script map) But i still get this error??

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Gebruiker\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\MESHmachine\operators\”, line 119, in execute
ret = get_2_rails(bm, mg, verts, faces, self.reverse, debug=debug)
File “C:\Users\Gebruiker\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\MESHmachine\utils\”, line 73, in get_2_rails
c1 = corners[0]
IndexError: list index out of range

location: :-1

(MACHIN3) #106

It installed fine, otherwise you wouldn’t have access to the Fuse or any other tools.

Please familiarize yourself with the docs, esp in regards to what kinds of selections they expect.
See Fuse tool.

As for the error I need more information and I don’t need it here in this thread.

(Ivo Schoenmakers) #107

I got it, was going to fast. Now it works fine

(MACHIN3) #108

Still, if you remember what you did to cause it, please report it via email and don’t forget to mention the versio you are using.

(MACHIN3) #109

I’ve added the preview release 0.5.12 to gumroad and blendermarket

  • added Merge option to Unf*ck
  • Added Stashes (states of an object at a user set time)
    • Create Stash
      • from active
      • from other(s) to active
    • View Stashes
      • you can also retrieve stashes
    • Clear Stashes
      • individual or all
    • Transfer Stashes
      • from other to active
    • there’s a persistent HUD for stashes (top of the screen)
      • shows stashes count and invalid stashes count
  • added NormalTrasnfer tool
    • transfers normals from a stash
    • stash normals can be flipped from the tool’s modal using F
    • the stash can also be smoothed if you have stashed an unsmoothed obj, using S in the modal, this has no ui representation yet, as I’m not sure what to display
  • added Symmetrize tool
    • it’s Blender’s symmetrize op, with the added ability to mirror custom normals
    • default keymaps are Alt + X, Alt + Y and Alt + Y
      • change in prefs
    • default directions is + to - for X and Z, and - to + for Y
      • change in prefs (unfold the keymap)
    • when symmetrizing meshes with custom normals, Symmetrize will creates a pre-symmetrize stash
      • this is because of the clear center seam Transfer option, you may want to use
      • you probably want to regularly clean out those stashes if they accumulate
      • although you don’t have to, a good strategy is probably to leave all the normal manipulation and transferig to the end, just remember to stash you model before you mess up the surfaces and you will be good
  • MESHmachine menu:
    • loops and normal tools have been put in sub menus
    • stash tools are available from edit and object mode
  • change mouse_wrap to hopefully fix a bug, that I can’t reproduce

Note, that the Symmetrize default keymaps overlap with the ones from Hardops. You may want to change that if you prefer using the Hardops Symmetrize. I’m not actually sure what it does different(or in addition) to Blenders’s Symmetrize, other than the HUD. Sharpes and BWeights are mirrored fine, with the default as well.
In any case, if you don’t use MESHmachine’s normal tools, you don’t need the Symmetrize tool either and could remove its keymaps from the MM prefs.

(aMars) #110

You guys may be interested to know that this addon pairs extremely well with Bevel After Boolean. The way BAB generates boolean intersections results in clean chamfers and smooth curves which are difficult to get normally, even with proper cleaning before beveling.

BAB can be unreliable (especially on objects with sharp edges and simple topology) so it’s not a perfect replacement for regular boolean + chamfers, but in boolean ops that would normally generate tons of trash that is very difficult to clean up, BAB handles it easily.

Notably, in instances where BAB fails it is usually impossible to clean up because it uses dense bevels and normal corrections can’t be reapplied after editing, but since MM can turn a chamfer into a bevel and back, BAB can be used with much simpler geometry making the addon more usable and stashes can be used to fix normals after geometry cleanup. So the two addons compliment each other quite well.

(MACHIN3) #111

I’ve added the preview release 0.5.13 to gumroad and blendermarket

  • add Fuse prop “Projected Loop”

    • forces rails to not be aligned with existing loop edges
  • add Conform tool

    • shrink wrap with stash as target
    • conform selection to stash object
    • NOTE: unlike the DataTransfer (in NormalTransfer), ShrinkWrap does not work in local space
      • that means if you move your object, after a stash was created, you need to retrieve the stash and re-stash it for it be usable for the Conform tool
  • add Chamfer tool

    • per side loop slide toggle
    • 2 face methods:
      • REBUILD with the optional Merge Perimeter prop
      • REPLACE with the Reach prop
    • the methods are different ways of dealing with geometry outside of the chamfer, which the chamfer may overlap depending on the width
    • REBUILD should be used if the chamfer doesnt or only minimally overlaps
    • REPLACE can be used if the chamfer overlaps a lot
  • add Offset tool

    • similar to Chamfer, but offsets an edge in the chosen direction
  • add Boolean Cleanup tool

    • used to fix verts of an edge loop in place based on connected edges on the selected side
    • merge the other verts based on a threshold
    • can be used on cyclic and non-cyclic edge selections
  • add LoopTools modal wrappers for Circle and Relax

    • only availble the LoopTools addon is activated
  • Symmetrize()

    • fix exception when fix center seam is turned on, but there aren’t any center verts
  • add version string to registration terminal output

  • NOTE

    • Chamfer and Offset are supposed to by used on cyclic edge selections
    • you may use them on non-cyclic selections as well, but this will create non-monifold geometry (open edges)
    • Chamfer should not be seen as a general purpose chamfer, use Blenders bevel tool if you can, use MM’s Chamfer if Blenders bevel tool misbehaves and chamfering will result in overlapping geo
    • if you want to fillet an edge after a boolean, you should use the Boolean Cleanup, then you can use the Offset tool followed by Blender bevel tool, or you can directly use MM’s Chamfer tool, followed by Fuse. You can also use Offset after the Chamfer tool, if you want to have some space and a nice loop around things.
    • I would also recommend to use the Conform tool after you chamfer,
      • if you are working on relatively low res geometry, it might be useful to create a stash with a higher subdivision, if you want to use Conform

I’ve made a new demo playing with the new tools.

(MACHIN3) #112

That’s good to know, thanks!

(bkjernisted) #113

Hold cursor over picture to read process.

…and knife cut inner boolean vertices up and down front of cylinder and then dissolved edges on the top and bottom of the cylinder. Next time I will try it without the loop cuts top and bottom.

(Peetie) #114

Lots of magical tools now in the addon.
The video is a bit quick for me, therefore an update in the documentation is welcome. (Once you’re finished with all that magical stuff).

Or instead of a long video where you repeat the same fast, maybe you could consider to make one where you show it once but slow.

Just suggestions, but keep going on what you’re doing. It’s amazing.

(MACHIN3) #115

The whole point of the preview releases is to get the tools out as fast as possible. This comes at the cost of not updating docs, but doing the changelogs and video clips as a bad replacement.

This means frequent updates, and the tool evolving at a nice pace.

The alternative, is much less frequent releases, me having to spend time on getting docs ready instead of developing while I’m “in the flow”. Much less project activity. More waiting by users. A single release with far more tool updates all at once, which then will be forgotten about quickly.

That said, I will get started on 0.6 docs now and end the 0.5.x preview release cycle.

The video is in real time. Some(all?) of my previous ones may have been in 2x speed, by accident.

(Peetie) #116

It’s all ok.
I just thought that you would consider, when making a video next time, you could make one with few steps but slower. So it’s more clear what you are doing. Same effort for you but more effective. (For me, I don’t know about others). I cannot see what you are clicking on/at. The menu’s shown are a few milliseconds. The video is 20 minutes long. If it’s not for giving an impression of the worklow, which I understand but to show what the features are, I even didn’t get that from the video.

(jachtarfranko) #117

Thank for all,
I watched your video a lot of times,
but i cannot figure out your select linked faces of desired sharp edges.
Even on 25% youtube speed …
I cannot repeat this …

(MACHIN3) #118

I’m shifft double cliicking. That’s a non standard keymap I think.

(MACHIN3) #119

It’s in the description and the post above.

(bkjernisted) #120

MACHIN3, do you know why my blend file would be 400 mb in size?

(MACHIN3) #121

I have no idea? Do you have massive hdrs in the file? This does not seem to be MM related, at all.

(Pitiwazou) #122

Check for orphan data.
And you can move the companion texts, resize it and show only what you want :wink:

(bkjernisted) #123

Thank you MACHIN3 and pitiwazou. It will be the hdr.

(micro26) #124

Bought the addon and i got 1 thing to say. You never know how good it is until you use it… Also it pairs very nicely with hardops.
Thanks man well played.