Hey there, still in the learning curve (hopefully the end of it!). Is there a way to combine symmetry and plugs ? Like in my case my target object is not X and Y symmetric so I cannot alt-x and alt-y it after applying plugs (I hope it’s understandable). Otherwise the workaround is to add extra plugs and place them accordingly of course.
Maybe I missed it in the doc but couldn’t find it.

when will this features be implemented?


LSelect is amazing. How have I lived without this for so long?

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Meshmachine 0.6.10 blender-2.80rc1-macOS

The RC on MacOS seems to have numpy issues. This is not related to MESHmachine, other than MESHmachine using numpy, which is a module, Blender’s python supplies by default.

Please try entering import numpy into the python console. And see what happens.

Also try on the latest experimental build, released AFTER the RC.

Ok, I could confirm it myself. Use the latest experimental build. It should work.


where can i get the last experimental built :slight_smile: ?

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sorry was confuse i thing you are toking about the last MESHmachine experimental build no blender sorry


I own 2.79 version on gumroad. How do I upgrade to 2.8 one?

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Hi, Does MESHmachine have any tool/workflow to adjust the amount of cylindrical divisions? Let’s say you create a cylinder with 6 sides, model some cylindrical shape out of it, and after the fact, realize that 6 sides is not enough… I tried refuse/unfuse but they don’t work on cylindrical selections… :confused:

Not right now, nope.

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Maxivz interactive tools has that feature.

how u think how much time need before release new offset cut?
saw your post on twitter where you show how fast it is can be. And now can’t wait to play with a new tool.


I can’t say yet. I’ve got my hands full with the upcoming DECALmachine 1.9 release right now.

Some time after that for sure. Predicting release dates is notoriously hard for solo devs, and even more so in Blender land, where things can break with every new daily build. So I’ve stopped giving out dates.


Hi, Just wondering what happened to Real Mirror? Has it been replaced by the Shift-Alt-X command etc. I was watching an old tutorial and saw it. I don’t see it in any of the pie menus.

It’s visible as soon as your selection includes objects with mirror modifiers, see docs.

I’m doing a flash sale on gumroad right now, where you can grab MESHmachine for 30% off for a limited time!


I had purchased your tools in blender market and those are gone.
It’s only available only in Gumroad and I should buy them again ?