Hey there, still in the learning curve (hopefully the end of it!). Is there a way to combine symmetry and plugs ? Like in my case my target object is not X and Y symmetric so I cannot alt-x and alt-y it after applying plugs (I hope it’s understandable). Otherwise the workaround is to add extra plugs and place them accordingly of course.
Maybe I missed it in the doc but couldn’t find it.

when will this features be implemented?

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LSelect is amazing. How have I lived without this for so long?

Meshmachine 0.6.10 blender-2.80rc1-macOS

The RC on MacOS seems to have numpy issues. This is not related to MESHmachine, other than MESHmachine using numpy, which is a module, Blender’s python supplies by default.

Please try entering import numpy into the python console. And see what happens.

Also try on the latest experimental build, released AFTER the RC.

Ok, I could confirm it myself. Use the latest experimental build. It should work.


where can i get the last experimental built :slight_smile: ?

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sorry was confuse i thing you are toking about the last MESHmachine experimental build no blender sorry


I own 2.79 version on gumroad. How do I upgrade to 2.8 one?

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