MGO "Igniter" MV

Hello, Everyone!
This is a full CGi animation MV for Midnight Grand Orchestra
Please watch this (All 4k render)

Fully made with Blender ,rendered with EEVEE (Composited with Flame)

MGO(Midnight Grand Orchestra) is Universe-Music-Project by Suisei Hoshimachi (VTuber of Hololive) & TAKU INOUE

This time, we created the latest MV for this project.

Now collaborating with Spotify on Playstation


Thank you

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Suisei Hosimachi’s Tweet! :smile:

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Amazing! The '“Allegro” gun is Massive!!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Impressive work!


Outstanding, love it. :grinning:


Thank you! :wink:

Thank you so much!!!

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Great animation, I enjoyed it.

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Thank you!!!

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Wow impressive!

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Great work. I guess that you people have a lot of fun with this. Like you get great “art freedom” to make this eye candy.

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Thank you :grin:

This MV is currently being broadcast on a huge screen in Shibuya.

This is a famous building that appears in the opening of a certain anime. :joy:


This is EEVEE?? Dang, you people know what you’re doing. I can’t imagine how long it took to create and render all that. Amazing work.


I’d like to know how the environment was created. Were there separate scenes for everything (parts of the road, top view of the town, final scene), or everything was in the single *.blend file?

Thank you so much! :smiling_face:

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You’re on the featured row! :+1:

Thank you :wink:

Impressive. All those shots and the direction, the details, the colors, the animation…
And all in Blender with EEVEE?!