MIG 21 over Vietnam


This is the first finished render of a Mig-21 model. Only Blender for 3D and Photoshop for post-production. Thanks all the people in this forum who help me during the base WIP and to the community (and developers to give us a so good software :))

Thanks for viewing and comments !


Brilliant! I followed the WIP of this, so its good to see it finished :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot peter ! I finished this scene but as soon I will have a new computer, I’ll try to make some others renders. Thanks again !

That is pretty good stuff! a lot of work! planes are no to easy to model.

Amazing modelling, texturing and composition.
The color of the cockpit windows frame deviates too much from the other colors imho. And also, the surface looks a little bit too “bumpy” for a jet fighter. The impression is the plates will fall off. Minor stuff though, overall 99/100.
Vietnam huh? Where’s the napalm being thrown on the children?

Looks great. The texturing / lighting is working well.


@kramon: thanks a lot.
@halgfx: thanks too. For the cockpit color, Russian cockpit had this strange color.
@Modron: thanks for kind words too. I tried to do my best.

Russian or Soviet? Why the vietnam air force roundel would be painted on a russian air force airplane? I think every country has its own painting.

Dunno… afaik the window frame is just ordinary steel color; it has only a red star on the wings and tail, and the numbers are red also. What did you use as reference? Models on museums could be seriously different from the original ones, as they are generally reconstructed by people who don’t really care if the paintings are correct. I’ve googled “vietnamese mig 21” and all images that popped had red numbers and gray window frame. Anyway, art is art :D.

This looks awesome! Some heat distortion around the lower portions of it might be a nice addition, but that’s a minor suggestion. Great work :smiley:

Awesome. I cant keep up with you guys since the cycles have released there are a lot of quality render
in the blender community.

quite nice :slight_smile: I really like this!


thanks a lot all for kind words, very appreciated.

@Muaaz1992: about Cycles, I really have to admit I wouldn’t be able to do the same with BI (no troll here, I’ve just feel it like this, I’m sure there is great BI renders :)).

Congratulations for this first finished work on this forum!
As I have said in the WiP thread, the overall level is high, the plane is carefully shaped and textured.
I just feel that the jet nozzle is a very difficult part to recreate in such a projection like this - the extremely hot elements etc…

Hi Witold, and thanks !

It is the second one (after the helicopter I have as avatar) :slight_smile:

Thanks again. You’ve help me a lot with your book. For the jet part, I found it very hard too. Is it a nice way to say it could be better :smiley: ?

PS: I’ve made a header in military-meshes… yeeeeessssssss !

Ups :o! Excuse me, I am too much focused on the airplanes!

Great! I have immediately gone there and added my congratulation!

gallery please!!!

Haha no problem.
Thanks for the congrats !

Ps: the next one won’t have any nozzle :slight_smile:

Slightly unrealistic because of missing Sun Light effect on the aircraft. Modelling, Texturing and rendering is excellent but lights are not correct

@comeinandburn: sorry, I’ve not seen your post. Thanks for comment, it will an honor if it occurs :slight_smile: I answered to witold.
@Tasheen : thanks for comment. Sun is coming from the front/top. This aluminium is “bare” and not really “mirror” in reality. I’m not sure I’m clear :slight_smile:

I just wanted to add my congratulations, ookka! Very glad to see you saw the project through to completion, it was well worth the work!
And congrats also on the mil-meshes feature. I think it certainly deserves to be on the header here on BA, as well!