It started as another Jaguarandi GSoC Test scenes (incredible good and fast work in optimizing Blender raytracer!) but quickly turned out to be funny to model and not bad-looking to look at.

Other than that the rendering times are completely gone out of any interest for a test scene (5 hours rendering…), so I completed it and liked to share with you.

Comments and critics are very welcome, thank you: :slight_smile:



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clay renders:






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wa wa wa wa wa !!! I love this!!! cool!!!
how to create those halo light?! the shade and texture are perfect!!!

thank you for your comment, those are simple Halos Spotlight as on the wiki.

WOW! Love it! The only thing I noticed is that the texture is the same on every leg segment, kinda repetitive but maybe it was intended. I really liked the lighting. This could make a perfect wallpaper :slight_smile:

…Can almost hear the feet crunching in the snow… Very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you, guys
You noticed it right elek, it’s the same texture for every segment, but sadly it is not intended… :frowning:
the legs are array modifier of one only basic element so the texture is the same too.

I couldn’t find a way to recursively change UV (then textures on it) for every segment of an array but apply it and wildly increase the number of triangles :spin:

Wow. Excellent pic. Really nice texturing work.

For the repetition on the legs, you could use a procedural texture (or image, maybe a nice grungy texture), mapped to world/orco/screen coordinates layered over the top just to break it up a bit. But to be honest it hardly shows.

Wow! Excellent work on everything from texturing to lighting!
5 stars from me!

If you use an empty as the array offset you could use 2 arrays or something with 2 different empties rotate both at random and it’ll be vastly less noticeable. If you use this method 5 times or something like that it’s not noticeable at all like this.

Beautiful! Great composition, I love the sky and how the ground looks. Your textures are fabulous! My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw this!

I think the spiny-out camera angle and perspective combined with the uneven ground gives the image an unecacery warped mirror effect.

The model is great though, as is the texture work. 4 stars from me :).

very nice work…

wow, this is great!!

nice!!! I love it! Keep sharing your works with us :smiley:

Great image. I love the composition and textures.

Awesome work - congrats on making the banner.

Wow. Absolutely stunning. You’ve probably heard this a ton of times over but the texturing and lighting is gaw dropping and the sky and ground looks highly realistic. I’ve saved the image to look at for motivation :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good! Reminds me of War of the Worlds.


How did you do the clouds, are they an image or prcedural?