mindfields - a computer generated short movie

hello fellow blenderheads,
finally it’s done. mindfields, my 5 mins short movie is finished and uploaded!

you can download the movie here. i really tried to keep the quality nice so the file is fairly large. you need at least DivX 5.0.3 to watch it.


as the site says, mindfields shows what happens in your head, how your inner ecological system is being destroyed and opens the way for evil and madness. all you see in the movie has to be seen in a metaphorical way.

about the look & feel of the movie: i was trying to make it look real, in certain aspects but also unrealistic. for mindfields i really tried to push blender to the maximum or particle rendering, lighting and modeling detail.

if you are not sure about downloading, have a look at these screenshots from the movie:


i only have to add at the end that it was both, funny and painful to keep working on such a complicated piece of artwork. the 2 months of production and finally the final 2 week rush into the finishing line… long nights and days of blending… many computer crashes and backups… long, overnight rendering… i have learnt so much during production. finally seeing that now mindfields is being delivered out of my mind and into yours makes me feel like returning home after a long journey.

thanks to derek mounce aka tekobyte who provided the webspace on his site http://www.elementi-motus.com until my own server is back up for working with larger files.

the music is taken from the game myst3exile [and another game i cant quite remember %| ]

i hope you enjoy the short!

DOWNLOADING DOWNLOADING hyperventalating DOWNLOADING DOWNLOADING [!] [!] [!] [!] [!] :o [!] :o [!] :o [!] :o [!] :o

edit: no wait put that on hold, i’m waaay over my meg limit for the moneht and have to wait one more day before i can d/l it =/

ok, only one word come to my mind: Brilliant!

or Astonishing!

Everything is perfect! I can’t see anything “wrong” with it.

@ndy, you are, and you will always be my motivation! Each time I see one of you work it motive me to pratice more and more so, maybe, one day I’ll be as good as you!

Thank you for offering us this GREAT movie!

:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z /5

drooling Wow that’s soooooooo good! Now, I have A LOT to catch up!

It’s sooo good. I’m speechless [!] [!] [!] :o


That was the best Blender particle system I have ever seen, period!! Just a phenominal anim.

Congrats on a great piece.


That is simply the best work ever made on Blender. Lights, rythm animation and precision everything is great !!!

I can’t even articulate how I feel right now…that was totally astonishing.

Damn, I wish I had your talent!


You must teach me how to use PARTICLES LIKE THAT!!!

Cant view the movie now…im in a lecture :-? :expressionless:

Cant wait to get home and see it.

I haven’t seen such a good movie for long time…
if this is normal :slight_smile: then this is nice :smiley: but this is good :o :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I have been a realtime fan but this movie makes me wanna render some
stuff too(I haven’t rendered anything for a long time)


uga uga uga jipijai jee.

tsiidu tsiidu tsailaidudiluleidu ladaadi jee.

just luxus!

(yes, I am going to download it soon … )


heh… that was quite a show.

great effects… the lighting and particles. you sure know your stuff.


Wow! Very good movie!!!

i m p r e s s i v e !

That was an absolute pleasure to watch, @ndy, you’re really outdone yourself this time! The idea reminded me a lot of the ‘mental worlds’ of the crazy guy in the movie ‘The Cell’.

Is it just me or in the last 2 months or so has the standard of Blender short films shot up at an almost exponential rate?


How about sharing your gift with either a few hints or a tutorial on how to make particle systems that good that can still be rendered at all. I’m guessing a lot of compositing went on.

Oh, and the grass- duplimesh, particle or fibre??

Awesome, but some bad compression artifacts, maybe you should re-encode it.

Flies were good, dynamica or the other-method-someone-possibly-you-posted-here-a-while-ago?


awesome! but i already said that the other day :wink:

But you still havent posted it on cgtalk! grrrrr :<
cya henrik


Amazing short!

The graphics, effects, music, hell… e e everything :smiley:

I wounder about the music though, who made that first piece for instance, can I buy any of them from a music store? The cred didn’t tell this [!]

One word: impressive. :o

Really, nothging to say… It seems that everything else worth saying has beem said. :smiley:


You won the monkey award… damn, i can’t give it to you… Does someone else of you can attribuate it to you !!! It must be !!!

I never seen this level of mastering of the particles… it’s very… pwooooo…
Made by the blender dream teams, it’s normal that the movie is so GREAT !!

It definitively kix ASS !!

I can’t speak… (but i’m still writing… lol)

very impressive !!!


A little critic anyway… I think the eyes of the character could be better… with some veins and better reflects… that’s all !


Wow, as i thought the other day, this DID exceed my expectations!!! Dude, there is no denying how awesome you rock Blender, no one can ever say you suck!!! hehe :wink:

It was a real pleasure watching you go crazy, thank you!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

PS: Any time you want to do a tute on those wicked smoke show particals and explosions, i would love to sit down and pay close attention!!! hehe :wink:

PS: Any time you want to do a tute on those wicked smoke show particals and explosions, i would love to sit down and pay close attention!!! hehe

YEAH !! Me too !!!
That’s very amazing !!

Please a tute or some tricks… !


As i ever said : BLENDER ROX !!!