Mineral Water TV Ad

A new Full CG commercial made with Blender

and a kind of breakdown :slight_smile:


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It’s really cool

Wow… what an excellent job on this. Probably one of the better fluid sims I have seen with Blender. The visuals were great on the ad of all the elements. I’m sure your client was happy with the result.

Mmm, I’m thirsty now. This is really well made, better than most water commercials I’ve seen. Nice of you to add in the workflow, always interesting to see how a project came to life! I’d love to know which renderer you used. [Edit: Oh, didn’t spot the octane logo]

I have nothing else to say, it’s perfect, well done!

wow that’s really beautiful , excellent job.

If your customer is unhappy with that…I’m not sure what to tell you to make them happy. Tat is a stunning piece of work!!! Impressive, indeed. And very inspirational for a Blender Newbie like myself.

Thanks, guys! No, the customer was happy — there were almost no corrections during the production from screenplay till the final post. :))

Haha very cool ! i would buy this water :wink:

Wow this is amazing and very inspiring! How did you set up the water simulation?

It’s not so easy to explain in a few words… I think after that three water-reels I should make a fluid tutorial someday :))

1st shot — there is a number of animated controls, simplified walls and stones are obstacles and a fluid domain with particles to create foam effect (see the screenshot).

2nd shot is much easier — obstacle and inflow.

3rd — just a particle system of metaspheres.

4th — inflow and obstacle to give it a bottle-water-shape.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile: There are a hudge number of issues in Blender fluid simulator, but it’s quite fine for production use… but I REALLY wait for the day when new fluid-sim system will be implemented. :smiley:


Very impressive, did you need to rent a render farm to render and bake the fluids?

No, I used my computer — Intel i5 2500K, 24Gb RAM, Win 7 Pro.
Rendered with Octane using nVidia GTX 560 1Gb + GTX 680 4Gb.

Russian: На самом деле очень клево ^^
English: Indeed, very cool ^

Ru : Не перестаёте удивлять своими работами. Красиво сделано! :slight_smile:
Eng: Great work!

Спасибо, стараемся! :slight_smile:
Thank you, we do our best! :slight_smile:

You can show the model of the bottle?

Yes, I can.


How it’s made ornament on the bottle?

It’s the bump-texture.

You can show the mesh?